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Regions of GA

No description

melina alferoff

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Regions of GA

Absolute Location-
The Appalachian Plateau is located in the North West corner of Georgia.
Relative Location-
It is located North West of all regions in Georgia

Agricultural/Industrial: The Appalachian Plateau is a profitable area for mining coal and iron ore.
It is home to a wild range of different vegetation and
several sedimentary rocks also found in Ridge and Valley.

The monumental features in the Appalachian Plateau are
The Lookout Mountains, The Appalachian trail, and the Pigeon Mountains

Interesting facts: The TAG corner, when someone stands in a certain point and is present in three states; Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia.
The Appalachian plateau is also known as the Cumberland Plateau.
Fossils found around the Plateau belong in the Paleozoic era and where deposited in shallow seas between the Cambrian and Pennsylvanian periods (540-300 million years ago).
Picture of The Appalachian Plateau
Ridge and Valley
Absolute Location-
Ridge and Valley is located East of the Appalachian Plateau and West of the Blue Ridge Mountains.
Relative Location- North of the Coastal Plain and
Piedmont Region.

Agricultural/ Industrial:
Ridge and Valley is home to a variety of trees and vast forests. The common trees found there are oak trees, hickory and pine trees.
Natural resources also found there are corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton, and abundant apple orchards.

Landmarks: Some features of Ridge and valley are narrow ridges and low open valleys

Interesting facts: Valleys are 700 to 800 feet above sea level. The region is also divided by Carterville Great Valley fault system.
Picture of Ridge and Valley
Absolute Location- East of Ridge and Valley and
the Appalachian Plateu
Relative Location-
North of the Piedmont region.

Industrial- Blue ridge region is know for farming ( Intensive truck farming), for producing tobacco,and being a source of timber, gold and marble.

Physical features of the Blue ridge are the Brasstown Bald Mountains and
Blue Ridge Mountains.

Interesting facts: Cherokee Indians lived there.

The rushing rivers provided hydro-electric power for the state.

The Regions of Georgia

Melina Alferoff
2nd core
8th grade

The Appalachian plateau is located in the left corner of GA.

It is the smallest region.
The Appalachian Trail is roughly


miles long and passes through



The Lookout Mountains
Low open valleys
Variety of vegetation is found in Ridge and Valley
Pictures of The Blue ridge
The Tallulah Gorge and Falls
The Blue Ridge Mountains
Absolute location- South East of the Appalachian Plateau
Relative location- North of the Coastal Plain

Industrial: Piedmont is home to
Red Clay, and
river sources for farming.

The physical features located in this area are Stone mountain,
Warm Springs,
The Flint River and
The Chattahoochee River

Interesting facts:
Most Populated Region.
It is know as the hilly part of Georgia.

Piedmont means: " The foot of the mountains."
Pictures of Piedmont
Coastal Plain
Absolute Location- East of the
Chattahoochee River and West of the
Savannah River

South of Georgia

Agricultural/ Industrial:
It is rich of natural oils and gas. Some common plants are pine trees

Okefenokee Swamp, St. Mary's River, Altamaha River,
Ocmulgee River,
Oconee River, Flint River, and the
Savannah River.

Interesting facts:

Largest Region of Georgia.
It is know for its flatland, marshes and swamps.
Pictures of the Coastal Plain
All of the 5 regions of Georgia each have their own specialization in different resources that they produce.
They are know for the landmarks you find there, and each have a unique features.
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