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Why In Cold Bllod Should Be a Part of the ENG 3U Curriculum

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Dean Barrett

on 5 June 2014

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Transcript of Why In Cold Bllod Should Be a Part of the ENG 3U Curriculum

should be a part of the ENG 3U curriculum
Plot Summary
Dick Hickock
Stable upbringing and very intelligent.
Arrested for check fraud.
Befriends Perry in jail.
Symptoms of severe depression.
Role in murdering the Clutter family.
Interrogation, trial, tenure in jail, and death.
Perry Smith and Dick Hickock conduct plan to rob the Clutter family.
Robbery goes wrong and Perry and Dick kill the entire family.
Perry and Dick flee the scene and the investigation begins.
The investigation doesn't get anywhere until Floyd confesses details regarding the murder to Al Dewey.
Perry and Dick steal a car then get caught in Las Vegas.
They are interrogated separately and confess for their actions.
They are trialed and condemned to death.
After a lengthy tenure in jail they are put on Death Row.
Rough childhood.
First criminal acts of check fraud.
Befriends Dick Hickock in jail.
Suffers from paranoid schizophrenia.
Murders Clutter family.
Interrogation, trial, tenure in jail and death.
Perry Smith
Blood should be a part of the ENG 3U curriculum for it's impact on modern literature and the crime genre.
Credited with creating and popularizing the nonfiction genre
Capote is one of the first authors to be recognized for nonfiction writing.
Adapted real life crime investigation.
Gathered real life information through interviews.
Change in narrative structure and point of view
Separated stories narrated by Truman Capote.
Story follows the main antagonists throughout the whole story rather than the detectives.
Influence on the crime genre
Combined elements of journalism and literature when writing novel.
Sky rocketed the genres popularity with fans of all types of genres and turned Truman Capote into a well known celebrity worldwide.
Link, Daniel. Review: Literature and Arts of the Americas: 2007. Print.

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