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Dylan Gully

on 30 April 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

William Van Alen Chrysler Building William Van Alen is the architect who designed
the Chrysler Building.

It was created in New York City located in USA. William Van Alen was born in Brooklyn, New York, in 1883. In 1908, William left for Paris after getting an architect scholarship. A Biography He returned to New York in 1911, and formed a partnership with a man named H. Craig Severance. Severance was an American architect who designed a few well known buildings in New York City. The partnership was known for its distinctive commercial structures but over time, the partnership collapsed. After this, both men continued their work in New York but individually. However, in the 1920s, both William and Craig found themselves having a sort of contest to construct the tallest building in the world. Severance designed the Trust Building, While William designed the Chrysler Building. In the end, it turned out that William was the victor of the contest as his building was 1046 feet tall. After the event, William demanded the payment of 6% of the money it took to construct the building. ($14 million) After Chrysler, the man who the building is named after, rejected Williams request, William sued him. He got his money after all, but the lawsuit highly ruined his reputation so he stopped creating buildings and began to teach sculpting.
He died in 1929. William Van Alen was part of the Art Deco movement The Art Deco was a type of art style that Began in France around the 1920s.
Art Deco had a very retro look to it and was used in lots of art. Alot of designs and movies that are based around New York in the mid 1900s have this Art Deco look. For example, this piece of work has the classic Art Deco look. Also, the style of the writing is a strong part about Art Deco. Williams Inspiration The real reason why Van Alen created the Chrysler Building was to win the contest of the largest building in the world. I guess he was inspired by money and fame in a way because straight after designing the building, he asked for a large amount of cash. Also, when he was making the building, he was probably thinking of his future career and how much he would be loved by fellow New Yorkers. This would also be very inspiring towards him. Maybe William was just trying to create an architectural masterpiece. Which he did indeed! The Chrysler Building was originally built to be the tallest building in the world. It held this title for a short while until the Empire State Building was created in 1931. During the current days though, many building are higher than the Empire State Building. It has to show that buildings are just going to grow higher and higher as time goes on. The Chrysler Building William and his Work William At A Costume Party He Was Born In
New York Van Alen
The Chrysler
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