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junru deng

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of new

S.R.S outline introduction conclusion 1. Introduction
2. Our new business concept
3. Our 3-year business plan
4. Our challenges and solutions
5. Conclusion
6 . References
7 . Q & A history of our company our management team our services retail atmosphere
in Orchard Road references by: Shirley Ruby Suji a. marketing department
b. financial department
c. advertising department our new business concept A 3-year plan challenges in the future 1. Services
2. Promotion
3. Price
4. Reasons for our choice why we choose? postcards for free take polaroid and stick on our message wall membership card 70% discount in the first two weeks set up by 3 university graduate
students run
business We finished our first project and made
0.5 million profit in the first year. different
types of
coffee cakes and snacks free
charging free wifi books and game CDs for rent buying our hand-made products first year: second year: third year: Q&A thanks for listening vision:
we will be the best retail business company in Singapore value:
use the lowest price
to exchange with good
quality product and service 1. recoup business capital spending 2. give specialty to the loyal customers
(member cards or VIP cards) 3. 10% student discount 1. to create some now coffee flavour 2. focus advertising compaign
(the use of image of celebrities) 3. have a team that delivers coffee
to homes and offices 4. change decoration 1. To plan to expand the market :
China, USA and Europe countries. 2. Do charity: every purchase
we will give 10 % to charity 3. To open more than 3 subbranches. 1. manpower 2. intense competition 3. financial plan http://www.fabjob.com/coffeehouse.asp http://www.openingacafe.com/ http://www.wikihow.com/Start-a-Cafe http://startacafe.com/ services promotion prices of product and service -Rent place
-Rent workers
-Buy facilities/ decoration
-Pay for advertising
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