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Mahi Parul

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Divergent

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Tris Prior
Main Characters
Eric- He is a antagonist who is against Divergence and all forms of creative thinking. His goal is to wipe out Abnegation and make Erudite the governing faction.

Veronica Roth was born in New York City and was raised in Barrington, Illinois. Her mother, Barbara Roth, is a painter who lives in Barrington. Her parents separated when she was five. Veronica's brother and sister live in Chicago. Her father is German and her mother's side of the family is Polish. She graduated from Barrington High School. Then, after attending one year of college at Carleton College, Veronica transferred to Northwestern University for a writing program. Later she married a photographer in 2011. She is best known for
her books Divergent
, and
. Veronica Roth's trilogy has made her extremely famous.

In the book,
Under a Red Sky
the main problem was mostly that Eva's family was Jewish, and they were always under some sort of threat.
In the book
there is the same problem, except these violent actions are taken against the
Plot Talk
Peter Pan
Divergent vs. Peter Pan

Vocabulary Words:
Abnegation Sector
Tobias Eaton/Four- He is the lead male protagonist in the story. Tris and he fight with Erudite (and some Dauntless traitors) to save the world of factions.
Mahima Parulekar
Dana Sheehan
Emma Philips

Monk 6th hour
A feeling of friendship; friendly relations between nations or groups (
"Only in
do people hug each other in greeting."

The act not of denying one mans rights or privileges. Selflessness (
"She lets her hair down at night it hangs and waves over her shoulders, but she must hide that beauty in
Freedom of expression, or speech. Fair, unreserved, honest, sincere (
"Those who blamed duplicity created
Heroes who are inclined to rush to danger, not away from it. Fearless, brave, valiant (
have limited options we can guard the fence or work for the security of our city."
Having or showing knowledge that is gained by studying (
keep records, it's in their nature."
Christina- She is a protagonist and Tris's best friend. They fight together and stick together as allies and friends.
Peter Pan
there are a many main characters, the same as in the book
Peter Pan
, there is one main villan, and there are not that many twists that confuse you about who is the real villan. Also Captian Hook, the villan is only after one person in his story.

This is different in
, here there are many villans, but they try to make you believe that they are good / right. Each one of them have their own very greedy points of views. World domination, and destruction of the
The factions are necessary for survival!
Beatrice Prior is a normal girl in Abnegation, one of the five factions in the old city of Chicago. When she turns 16 she will choose to stay in her current faction or choose to leave her family, friends, and her current lifestyle and join another faction. One test will be the guidelines to everything. Her results are inconclusive. Beatrice Prior is Divergent. After much inner war she chose Dauntless, the faction for the brave. She goes through hard training and meets a boy named Tobias. She fights to save everything she knows in a war against Erudite. They win the first battle in the long war that lays ahead. Will the factions ever get what they want in this endless war?

Dauntless Compound
Amity compound
Abnegation sector
Erudite compound
Many, many trains
Divergent means that you belong in more than one faction. This makes you very dangerous to our leaders. Don't let anyone else know, the consequences are serious.
Never, ever utter that word again...
What does it mean, to be truly
Emma's Favorite scene:
Mahima's favorite Scene
My favorite scene was when Beatrice finds out that her faction test was inconclusive. Meaning that she is Divergent...
Beatrice has no idea about the danger of being Divergent, nor does she know what it means for her. Which faction will she chose?
Dana's Favorite scene
My favorite scene is a bit different then most. The scene starts when Tris goes to get water but is instead kidnapped by her rival. She is then held over a chasm where, if she drops, she dies. Then, Tobias comes and saves the day! That where the relasionship starts. Ewww.
My favorite scene is when Tris and her new found friends must jump off a several story high building just to get to the Dauntless compound and to hopefully pass initiation. The initiates don't know that at the bottom of the jump there is a gigantic net to catch you just before you hit the ground.
Veronica Roth
The conflict in the book Divergent is when war breaks out between the factions (Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless, and Erudite). The Erudite want to kill off the Divergent. The only thing is that Abnegation was going to let some important information go public that will change the factions, and people's lives forever.
Minor Characters
Jeanine- She is one the main antagonist of all the books, Although she isn't very important in the first book. She is the leader of Erudite. She is one of the many who wish to destroy the divergent.
Will- He is Christina's boyfriend and one of Tris's friends and allies.
Caleb Prior- Caleb is Tris's brother he switches from Abnegation to Erudite. Later though he finds himself factionless*.
Andrew Prior- He is Tris's father he is also one of the many leaders of the Abnegation.
Natalie Prior- She is Tris's mother like Tris she is Divergent.
Peter- He is also an initiate in Dauntless and he hates Tris and her friends.
Marcus- He is Tobias's father, like Andrew he is also a leader of Abnegation.
Uriah- He is one of Tris's good friends he is also an initiate.
Tori- She gave Tris her Aptitude Test, and her first tattoo.

*Factionless means you don't belong in any of the five factions.*
Beatrice Prior- She is the herione and main protagonist. She and Four fight to save everything they know.
A quote that inspired Divergent:
Hold on to the world we all remember fighting for
There's some streangth left it in us yet
Hold on to the world we all remember dying for
there's some hope left in it yet
Arise and be
All that you dreamed

-"Arise" by Flyleaf

Emma: The book Divergent is heart-pounding must read!
Dana: I usally hate this book genre, but
was amazing!
was a great book, that I enjoyed reading very much.
But one mistake will be your end...
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