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Reality Television

The Real Housewives & Jersey Shore

Carli Rosenfield

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Reality Television

Reality Television: The Real Housewives & The Jersey Shore edition Reality TV is a separate reality-producing genre that like the news, capture and edits images of reality and like, scripted shows is selected for cause & effect drama between individuals. Reality TV Codes & Conventions:
-apparent spontaneity (verbal/narrative)
-hand held camera & loose compositions
-available lighting Constructed thru:
-casting (selecting participants)
- overarching & mini narratives
-Location: used to create storyline and conflict Selecting Participants:
-pick the extremist/controversial characters
-people who you can identify with
-cast members who will come into conflict Casting: Editing: -Tv producers film hours worth of footage, but choose only the most interesting make the final cut The Real Housewives Casting: Editing: *Similar to other reality shows, edited only to show the most exciting footage in order to gain more viewers.
*There was a lawsuit filed against the show in 2010 claiming a fight that aired on the show was aired in a manner that did not show the whole truth. The Jersey Shore Casting: Editing: -all an act for the camera?
-artificial relationships
-plastic surgery
-competition The Real Housewives Superficiality The Real Housewives Materialism The Real Housewives Stereotypes *Show is centered around the idea of nightlife and clubbing
*In the majority of the show there is a presence of them with either drinks in their hand or talking about alcohol
*Fails to show the adverse effects of alcohol consumption
*Example: Snooki's arrest on the beach The Jersey Shore Alcohol * Smush Room
*Going out to clubs and bringing back people in taxis
*Part of nightly routine The Jersey Shore Sexual promiscuity The Jersey Shore Stereotyping Discussion 1. Do you think that reality TV shapes how we think as a society?
a. positively?
b. negatively? 2. Are the stereotypes that are constructed on reality TV, representational of contemporary society's norms? How so? Provide an example? 3. Which strategy (Casting, Editing, & Location), do you think is the most important in the production process? 4. What similarities & differences do you between The Real Housewives & Jersey Shore? -trend across all cities: affluent upper-class
- can you identify with them?
-conflicting personalities
-asks for an application that consists of a picture, name, age, occupation, husband's occupation, where you live, why you would be a good addition to this show, what do you bring to the table that sets you apart from others in your neighborhood? -NY season: “it lacked the explosive catfight-filled drama expected of the Bravo show” -only choose most dramatic parts... WHY?!?! *Location WHY.... CONTROVERSY SELLS! -important aspect of show
-Beverly Hills, Orange County,
New York, New Jersey, Miami and
-strategically chosen -money as dispensable
-money > morals -unattainable lifestyle as the norm -can money buy happiness? -stereotype of women in general -stereotypes each city Orange County Beverly Hills Miami New York New Jersey Vancouver Miami *Cast was selected by having videotaped interviews at a casting call
*Chose people who "had nothing else going for their lives", according to the casting director, Doron Ofir
*The show originally was going to feature an all-male cast
*Spent 12 weeks in bars/nightclubs in NYC, CT, & NJ looking for people to cast --> narrows down list of best candidates and visits neighborhood and does a tour of house and asks neighbor's opinions --> does group interviews to see how the women interact --> choose from there Upsetting to Italian Americans:
*"Guido" is a derogatory slang word
*Domino's pulled advertising
*Italian- Americans do not like the way that they are being represented by the show.
*Banned from filming when in Italy. *gives the entire real Jersey Shore a bad name.
*People except to see what they get on the show. The "Real" Jersey Shore:
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