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Book Report: Flipped

No description

Julianna Bhullar

on 18 January 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: Flipped

Julianna Bhullar
5th Hour By:
Wendelin Van Draanen Characters Julianna Baker- One of the main characters
in the story who lives across the street from
a boy called Bryce. Julianna loves to play soccer and
watch her father paint. She also likes to raise
chickens. Matt & Mike- Julianna's older brother's in high
school. They're in Skyler's band Mystery Pisser. Book Critique I give this book a rating of very good. This story
is set in the late 50's and early 60's and is about a boy and girl's relationship and how it shifts throughout their early years. Bryce Loski- Another main character of the story. Bryce likes to hang out with friends, especially a boy called Garret. Lynetta Loski- Bryce's older sister. She is an antagonizing
person and likes to pick on Bryce. She likes to go over to
her boyfriend's house to listen to his band play music. Skyler Brown- Lynetta's boyfriend who is in a band called
Mystery Pisser. Uncle David- Julianna's uncle who is mentally ill. He was born with his mother's umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. Champ- Julianna's pet dog. Shelly Stalls- Bryce's girlfriend in grade who Julianna
doesn't like. Shelly is very popular and stuck-up. Mr. and Mrs. Baker- Julianna's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Loski- Bryce's parents. I think that the best part of this book overall was when their
relationship takes a turning point. Throughout the whole beginning
of the story, Julianna liked Bryce but he didn't like her. Then,
towards the end of the story, Bryce realized he liked her but
she didn't like him anymore. Theme The underlying theme of the story is friendship
and acception. Julianna has tried since the second grade to be Bryce's friend, but he always thought of her as annoying. She never knew that he thought of her that way, so she kept on trying to be his friend.
Finally, in the 8th grade, she gave up and after a while, Bryce realized that he liked her. Setting The setting of the story
takes place in the late 50's and early 60's. There was no specific location of the state or city. Problem/ Conflict Julianna wants to be friends with
Bryce, but he doesn't like her and
he thinks that she's annoying. Chet Duncan- Bryce's grandpa Plot Ever since the Loski's moved in across the street from the Baker's, Juli Baker has been trying to be friends with Bryce Loski. Throughout elementary, Bryce has used skillful avoidence towards Juli. He thinks that she is pushy and annoying and wants nothing to do with her, but she doesn't know that. She is dazzled by his blue eyes and wants to be more than friends. Bryce has no intention to be more than friends, let alone being friends. In the fifth grade, Bryce makes up a plan to make Juli leave him alone for good. He goes out with the one girl in the entire school who Juli hates. Shelly Stalls. His plan doesn't work and Shelly ends up finding out what Bryce was doing and breaks up with him.
In the sixth grade, Juli starts bringing over eggs for the Loski's. She raises chickens and thought it would be a kind gesture to give them some of her extra eggs. Two years later, Juli finds out that the Loski's have been throwing away her eggs. They think the eggs might have salmonella because of how dirty the outside of their house is. Bryce tells her that he's sorry and she walks away hurt. One morning at the top of Collier Street where Juli and Bryce's bus stop is, Bryce spots Juli in her most favorite tree. The sycamore tree. She's always up there. Whether she's looking out at sunsets or sunrises or feeling the wind in her hair, she's always in that tree. It's her little escape in paradise. That's all about to change for Juli though. The owner of the property where the tree is wants to cut it down to build a house. These men arrive and Juli starts crying once they tell her they have to cut it down. She refuses to come down and begs Bryce to come up with her. In hope that they wont cut i down with two of them up there. The bus arrives and Bryce gets on to go to school. He wanted to help, but he didn't want to get teased. Juli stays up there until her dad comes to get her down. Bryce tries to spot Juli the next day at school to apologize, but she's avoiding him and she does so for the next two weeks. A few weeks later when Bryce gets home from school, he sees his granpa in the living room reading the newspaper. His grandpa calls him in there to talk. His grandpa had saw an ad in the newspaper about Juli and the sycamore tree. He tells Bryce how he thinks that Juli is a very brave girl. His grandpa tells him that he thinks that he should be friends with Juli, but Bryce tells him no way. That Juli is pushy and annoying. His grandpa hands him the newspaper and tells him to read it without prejudice. Bryce goes up to his room and doesn't read a single word from that ad. The next day, Bryce comes home from school and spots his grandpa helping Juli out with her yard. They're putting up a new fence, planting grass seeds, and trimming the bushes. Bryce feels like a jerk because he knows that the only reason that Juli is doing that is because of what he said. The only reason why his grandpa is helping her is because she reminds him of his wife who died. Juli has her spirit and bravery. His wife would've stayed up in that tree with Juli all day and night long. The next day, Juli is watering her front yard when her dad walks out of the front door. Juli finds out that it's her Uncle David's birthday and that her dad was going to visit him. Juli has never met her Uncle David and she asks her dad if she can come. He agrees and they drive over to the mental institute where he lives and gets taken care of. She learns a lot that day and is glad that David is her uncle. A few weeks later at school, nine eighth grade boys are being auctioned off to girls for a fund raiser. Bryce is one of the boys being auctioned off and when he spots Juli in the crowd, he's sure that she's here to bet on him. She doesn't bet on Bryce though. She bets on a nerdy boy who everyone doesn't like. The only reason why she bets on him is because she felt bad that no one was betting on him. Each set of the highest bidding girl and the boy she bet on gets to have a nice picnic dinner inside. By this time, Bryce has realized that he really likes Juli. Bryce's date is Shelly Stalls and suprisingly she still likes him. When Bryce sees Juli eating with that nerd, an overwhelming feeling of jealousy sweeps over him and he charges toward Juli. He gets her out of her chair and goes in to kiss her, but she runs away and out of the building. She rides her bike home feeling really confused.
The next day is a Saturday and Juli is inside cleaning. She's still confused about what happened yesterday. She looks out the window and sees Bryce digging a hole in her front yard. she tells her mom and her mom says that she gave Bryce the permission to dig. Bryce all of a sudden disappears and comes back with a small tree. It's not just any tree though. It's a sycamore tree. Juli smiles to herself and goes outside. She helps him plant the tree and Bryce has finally gotten her to pay attention to him. His idea of showing her how he felt about her worked. Bryce and Juli are now best of friends and soon to be girlfriend and boyfriend.
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