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Introduction to Education

No description

Tim D.J.

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Introduction to Education

History and where we've arrived...
Our Education System
Provinces can set policy/make educational law
Provinces can work together on initiatives
Provinces can work with other countries on initiatives
Schools, students and educators do fall under federal laws when working for/in a Alberta schools
Charter of Rights and Freedoms
Criminal Code of Canada
The power to determine education in Canada largely falls to each province
Q: Do you know what school board oversees your school?

some school boards have "changed" their name
Calgary School District No. 10 = CBE
There are public, separate, French and charter boards
School Boards are empowered by the Provincial Government to "run" local schools.
The Superintendent is appointed by the board
The Superintendent is the leader of the School Jurisdiction
Typically know as the head of a particular school board's head office
The Superintendent
There are approximately 600,000 students attending K-12 school this year!
I like to think of the entire system being in service to student education and individual student needs.
Students are responsible for their actions and need to meet the standards set forth in
The School Act
School Board Policy
School Handbook
There are a total of 2,163 schools in Alberta...give or take.
There are:
Public Schools
Separate Schools
Francophone Schools
Charter Schools
Outreach Schools
Schools are usually classified as:
Elementary Schools
Junior High Schools
High Schools
Schools are becoming more and more complex and difficult to define in a nice little box
School Boards:

Planning for the jurisdiction and setting priorities for the system
Setting goals for the jurisdiction, ensuring education stays in step with today's world
Evaluating the School Board Superintendent
Adopting an annual budget for the school system
Making policy to guide the administration and employees toward district goals
Communicating with the community and staff on behalf of the jurisdiction
Educating others, with a goal of ensuring education is given a high priority by the public and to make the community aware of the jurisdiction's achievements
Gathering information in order to make sound decisions
Adjudicating in policy disputes (Adapted from the Alberta School Boards Association)

Harnessing and allocating resources

Establishing policies

Setting direction

Ensuring sustained improvements in students’ achievements

Oversee human resources, policy development, strategic planning, employee supervision and other management responsibilities

More information: College of Alberta School Superintendents' website: www.cass.ab.ca
there are over 36, 000 teachers in Alberta.
teachers' roles and responsibilities are found in 3 documents:
The School Act
ATA Code of Professional Conduct
School Board Code of Conduct
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