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Old English Period Heroes

No description

Emily H.

on 16 August 2013

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Transcript of Old English Period Heroes

Old English Period Heroes
Who were the literary heroes of the time?
Sailor in "The Seafarer"
Soliders in " The Battle of Maldon"
Ibn Fadlan in the " 13th Warrior"
Setting: 6th century
demonstrates heroism
Hero of the Geats in Scandinavia.
Helps king of Danes who was under attack by a monster (Grendel).
Beowulf slays Grendel and Grendel's mother.
Soon Beowulf becomes king of the Geats for defeating the monsters.
Around 50 years later, he was wounded in a battle where he kills a dragon and died.
He was described as kind and brave. Also, about having fate.
What were the common traits of the heroes?
Most of the heroes in the English period were brave and believed in God. The common traits would include heroism, courage, battle excellence, generosity, one god beliefs.
How did the heroes reflect the culture they represent?
All of the authors incorporate religious views
Talked about good vs. evil
The poems from that period talked about fate and being with God.
In the Beowulf story, they talked about the monster going to hell.

Beowulf was the main hero in the English poetry.
This is the monster that Beowulf slayed in the poem.
Some stories like The sailor in the seafarer, had possible heroes, but the sailor was lost and knew he needed death to be home with God. The poem was hard to comprehend but the sailor was represented as a hero.
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