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All about me

No description

Jana Chester

on 3 June 2010

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Transcript of All about me

All About Me... Double click anywhere & add an idea Likes Dislikes Family Friends Sports Hobbies Lime green Summer Soccer Soccer is my favorite sport. I have been playing it since i was 5 years old. Playing soccer keeps me active and it is a good way to socialize and meet new people. Football Football is another
sport I enjoy. I don't
play it, I just like to
watch it. Volleyball Volleyball is a sport that
i play in my spare time, or when
i am at the beach. I played on
the frosh Volleyball team at
Evan Hardy in grade 9. I live in a family of five. My mom,
my dad, my older sister Stacy, and
my younger sister Leslie. Stacy is
21 years old. She is moved out and
engaged to her fiance Josh. My little
sister Leslie is in grade 10 at Evan
Hardy. Me and her have a close
relationship and talk to eachother about
anything. My mom is a Special Care Aid.
My mom and I are pretty close. I can go
to my mom for help and talk to her about
anything. My dad works out of town. He
isn't home much, but when he is home i
love spending time with him. Swimming Biking Reading Worms
Thunderstorms My favorite color is
lime green. Green
reminds me of summer
because in summer all
the trees and grass are
green. Summer is my favorite season
because there are so many different
things you can do. I also love the hot
weather. In the summer i spend all
of my time outside. Friends are really important to me. Friends
are there for you whenever you need them.
You should be able to talk to them about
anything and trust them with everything. Shopping I love to shop, and
buy new things.
Movies My favorite movie
is The Last Song. Snowboarding
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