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Propaganda Techniques

No description

mary mahoney

on 18 February 2018

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Transcript of Propaganda Techniques

Eight Types of Propaganda
What is propaganda?
Propaganda is a persuasive technique.

It is used to convince others to share
an opinion or think in a certain way.
"Everyone is doing this, so you should too!"
Emotional Appeal
This technique targets the audience's positive or
negative emotions in order to persuade.
A famous person endorses a product or idea.
Usually, a testimonial comes
from a celebrity.
Why is this ad a testimonial?
"Plain folks"
This appeals to "ordinary" people.
The speaker may show
that he shares the same
concerns as the audience.
You should trust the speaker
because he or she is "just like you!"
Why is this ad an example of
"plain folks"?
Why is this an example
of bandwagon?
These are just five propaganda
techniques...there are more!
Can you see that some of
the ads you've seen today
combine the techniques?
What did you notice?
Watch the following commercial. What
propaganda technique(s) do you notice?
Why is this an example of
an emotional appeal?
To what emotion are they appealing?
Oh...and one more thing
that's completely random...

Why is it important to identify propaganda?
What about this ad? What
technique is being used?
Snob Appeal
You can be like the wealthy people who are using this product or idea.
Why is this an example of snob appeal?

If you watch TV, find an example of
an ad that uses one of these techniques.
1. Briefly describe the ad
2. Tell what technique it uses.
3. Briefly explain why you think it uses this technique.
Due date: ________________
For a chart of these techniques, check your English book, page 254.

Your assignment for this week:
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