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This Is war

No description

Donna Ha

on 9 June 2014

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Transcript of This Is war

Title- This is War
Artist- Mblaq
J.Tune Entertainment
Song Releases- January, 10, 2012
Genre- Pop, Dance
This Is War- Mblaq
Music and Visual
Amplify- Exciting part-> add drums, violin plays higher and faster
- instrumental part shows emotional/kindness of a character
(ex- He shoots himself to let his best friend and his lover be together)
Visual Symbolism
-He holds her hand-> show that he is on her side

- Gives his friend and the girl the airplane tickets-> there is no war between them, he gives them his blessing before he dies

- Dancer's Costume-> gangster/spy/fighter/killers
Star-Image Motifs
Shows band dancing
Shows each member singing
includes two members in the story-Actors- Close up on face-shows emotions (acting skills)
Form Of Video
Performance Based- dancing and singing at the camera

Narrative Based- Tells a story
Lyrics and Visuals
Amplifies- "this is war" -> Someone gets shot
- "what should I do..." -> The guy (assassin) hesitates to shoot the girl
Band Info
Video Summary
Visual Symbolism
Star-image Motifs
Form of video

Debuted on October 15, 2009

Seungho- 26 years old- Leader
G.O- 26 years old- Main vocal
Joon- 26 years old- Vocal
Thunder- 23 years old- Rap/vocal
Mir- 23 years old- Rap
Kim Sang bae

-left right before debuting
Music Video
In these videos from 2011 and the music video ->this is war, they all show the "cool"and "strong" side of the band.
My opinion
-Love the story
-See the hard work they put into the music video

-I think the English version is a bit weird (like korean version better)
My Opinion
Love the story
See the hard work

Like korean ver. better
My Opinion
Love the Story
Like the dance moves
See the hard work put into mv
Understand the story better after researching

Don't like english version lyrics (like korean better)
This pop music video shows the band's serious image to increase their popularity. The relationships between lyrics and visuals and music and visuals makes a more powerful emotion to viewers. Little visual symbols are used to show more meaning in the music video. Therefore this video contributes to the serious and loving image/side that the band has.
~Donna Ha~
Guy is an assassin hired to kill a girl
Doesn't kill her
protects her
leaves her with his best friend to prepare (to move somewhere safe with the girl)
girl falls in love with his friend
guy comes back
wants to shoot his friend because he betrayed him
girl protects the friend
guy shoots but uses his power to make the bullet go towards himself
he gets shot and gives airplane tickets to them to show his blessing
South Korea
The end
Thank you
English Version
Full transcript