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Writing Skills

No description

Andrew Bodell

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Writing Skills

In the exam, you may have the choice to answer a question where you have to argue your point or a particular point of view. Write a letter to your MP arguing the case for new standards for the care of dairy cattle to be imposed on the milk industry.
It doesn’t matter whether or not you agree with the Vegan Society’s argument. You are simply being asked to present the argument forcefully.
What genre or format is this?
It’s a letter.

What do you need to remember about this genre?

Endings and beginnings, Dear Madam = yours faithfully, Dear Mr Smith = yours sincerely. The layout of a letter, address, date etc.

What is your intended audience?
Your Member of Parliament, a politician.

What sort of tone is appropriate for the audience?

What is the purpose?
To argue that the way dairy cows are kept is cruel.

What do you want?

A change in the law, to make dairy farming less cruel to cows.
You need to choose the information from the leaflet that argues dairy farming is cruel to cows and that a change in the system is needed. Be careful not to choose information that is not directly linked to the cows.

Now we have an introduction, try to write the next paragraph. Does it have a tone appropriate for the audience?
Have you argued your point?
Have you given evidence to back up your point?
Have you worded your point in such a way that your audience will be convinced by what you say?
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