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Waterslide Tester

No description

Kristina Huston

on 10 December 2012

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Transcript of Waterslide Tester

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Personality Traits and Interests Calm under pressure
Interested in water slides!
You need to have the ability to swim
Lack of fear of falling Education Average education level is an associates but in some cases a Masters Degree
in water friction analysis on plastic surfaces and a PHD is also helpful in this career field It depends a lot on who you do the job for the salaries ranges from 17,000 to 60,000.
Entry Wage 17,00 being when you start out Average Wage 40,000 and Experienced wage being around 60,000 but they pay for food, hotel and of course your travel! Salary Water Slide Tester
By: Kristina Huston You spend some time traveling on
airplanes from hotel to hotel and head to
the pool. You take multiple trips down the
slide observing water quantity, landing of the flumes,and safety aspects. A Typical Day in the life of a water slide tester Advantages Disadvantages Going on them when its freezing outside and working more during the summer and not seeing family much Travel Other careers like this one? A lifestyle product development manager Advantages are traveling around the world and going on water slides for free! In this career you do lots of traveling globally and get to see new places Are you looking for an interesting career that's not the average job? Have you ever considered....... Average Length of Service 10 to 20 years Where is this job located? This is a global career with lots of traveling. Florida salary and average salary are about the same National Outlook This is a very competitive job to get into because of how many people want to do it and how little people are needed. The annual amount of job openings is small THE END
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