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How Dreams Connect To the Real World

No description

Emily Garcia

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of How Dreams Connect To the Real World

How Dreams connect To the
Real World Sources by: Emily Dreams come from memory of feeling and images stored in out brain

"Our dreams are frequently full of strangers who play out certain parts – did you know that your mind is not inventing those faces – they are real faces of real people that you have seen during your life but may not know or remember? The evil killer in your latest dream may be the guy who pumped petrol in to your Dad’s car when you were just a little kid. We have all seen hundreds of thousands of faces through our lives, so we have an endless supply of characters for our brain to utilize during our dreams." You're dreams depend on the mood you have the majority of the day.

"It is said that the mood of the individual will manipulate and encourage a particular theme of a dream. It is also said that the dream comes from the sub conscious part of us which lays deep within our brains that the dream is a way to release the sub conscious side of the individual."

They show what you desire most.

Like a bee to honey, the bee likes honey obviously. So maybe that's what it dreams about. Dreams would also depend on you're personality and the way you think about things. are you a usually negative person? You're dreams won't come out with something good, would usually have nightmares.
Do you have a positive outlook on things? You would probably have nicer dreams but there will still be those horrible nightmares just like everyone else.

(What you dream defines who you are.) http://listverse.com/2007/11/14/top-10-amazing-facts-about-dreams/

http://mysteries24.com/n2-3888-Connecting_Dreams_to_Real_Life The Limbic System is the controlling part of you're dreams. so maybe you'll remember this guys face. and this guy's suit http://www.effective-mind-control.com/what-causes-emotions.html
borderlinepersonalitytreatment.com Scources By: emily Emotions limbic system is the section of the brain that controls emotions “Special organs within your limbic system recognize the patterns of events in your life and respond. Their signals trigger emotions, which instantly decide your attitudes and modify your behavior.” Like finding someone to make us happier with a hug c: emotions help keep us in line like fear helps us from getting hurt
emotions help us make a judgment of something
"Higher, self-conscious emotions like shame prevent us from repeating behavior that is harmful to others, like stealing."
emotions are motivators. when we feel sad or lonely we are motivated to seek out another persons comfort. or when we have adrenalin it motivates us to do things we couldn't normally do. You grow older
As do I
The emotions change
We’ve grown apart
That much I cant tell
But I know this is only because
People change
The heart changes
With the new emotions
I wish you a happy new life
As I will mine

By: Me Emotions give us personality!!

the way peoples' emotions react to certain things and what triggers their emotions changes along with their personalities as time goes on.

Plus experiences we’ve had in the past affect the emotions that happen right now Second Project
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