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Irregular Plural Nouns

Some nouns have unusual, or irregular plurals.

kristie sadler

on 11 November 2012

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Transcript of Irregular Plural Nouns

Usually plurals are pretty simple to create. Just add an "s" right? Irregular Plural Nouns Not all plural nouns work that way. Some plural nouns are irregular and you just need to learn them by heart.

But don't worry! There is nothing much to it.

There are tricks to learn the rules. Knife Knives
Life Lives
Wife Wives Ends with -fe
Change f to v then add -s Potato Potatoes
Tomato Tomatoes
Volcano Volcanoes Ends with -o
Add -es one sheep These words don't change at all! These words change more than just the ending. Let's practice Reguar Plural Nouns! Raise your hand if you know the answer! Let us practice Irregular Plural Nouns! Raise your hand if you know the answer! Ends with -f
Change f to v then add -es Half Halves
Wolf Wolves
Loaf Loaves two sheep one deer 100 deer one fish two fish Man





Mouse One Men





Mice More than one I have more than one book. What is the plural word for book? If I have more than one camera, I have many __________________? When you were on a walk last week, you saw more than one tree.
You saw many ____________ on your walk. Singular Plural Child




Goose ____________________





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