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broken homes

No description

saskia hoedl

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of broken homes

Broken Homes The New York Times
Clifford J. Levy, 2002 - A Final Destination 1960's NY shut down psychiatric wards adult homes home, meals, activities, medical care, supervision untrained staff homes are run by businessmen unnecessary medical treatments to get money from the government NY 15,000 mentally ill adults in more than 100 adult homes the government spends an average
of $40,000 a year on each resident Leben Home residents died during a heatwave due to insufficient air conditioning more than 30 residents unnecessary eye surgery Anna Erika In four years four residents commited suicide two of them within three weeks by jumping out of a window they should have been on suicide watch Park Manor resident, who was known for violent behaviour already stabbed his sister
and stepfather stabbed his roommate Gregory Ridges after an argument rap music Seaport Manor crack prostitution dirty clothes, filthy sloppy handling of medication cockroaches beatings by security guard Brooklyn Manor resident's retirement benefits entrusted to the home stolen by the operator husband of the senator of Brooklyn Overall residents complaining about
health problems got no attention and died some were found days after they died hardly staff present during the nights alarming reports
health inspectors health department has failed in taking actions residents are usually sent
to homes with similar conditions ...or locked in nursing homes Clifford J. Levy The author Clifford J. Levy became a special projects reporter on the Metropolitan Desk of The New York Times in 2000. He previously served as chief of the Albany bureau of The Times and as a political reporter, City Hall correspondent and Newark correspondent. He received the Pulitzer Price for the series "Broken Homes" that exposed the abuse of mentally ill adults in state-regulated homes Sources: www.nytimes.com
& the article itself
Gregory Ridges Lisa Valente, above, jumped from a
seventh-floor window at
Anna Erika in Staten Island. Randolph Maddix, above, died in his Seaport Manor bathroom
after a seizure; his body was not found for hours.
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