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American Horror Story: Coven

No description

Katherine LaVeaux

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of American Horror Story: Coven

American Horror Story: Coven
American Horror Story
A television show wherein each season is a completely new tale of horror. The cast is kept the same, but is introduced as a new person
Season 1 took place in a haunted house
Season 2 took place in an insane asylum in the 1960's
Each season, includes several different horror themes
This season takes place in New Orleans, Louisiana where a coven of young witches being taught to protect themselves by the Supreme and her daughter.
Throughout the season, it is revealed that the witches have a long standing rival with the high voodoo priestess Marie Laveau.
Marie Laveau
Marie Laveau lived from 1794-1881
She was apart of the Voudous of New Orleans who "were thought to be invested with superantural powers"(The Dead Voudou Queen) and "Marie was ever it's queen"(The Dead Voudou Queen)
Coven Teaser
A Historical Perspective
Episode 2
"Boy Parts"
In this episode, two of the witches try to bring their dead boyfriend back to life by sewing body parts together
There is a flashback to the 1800's where Marie Laveau punishes Madame LaLaurie for torturing her slaves by revealing "it wasn't a love potion but immortality she gave LaLaurie"(IMDB) And she buries LaLaurie in a wooden box
Fiona, the Supreme, confronts Marie Laveau, taunts her, calls her magic inferior and sets in motion an all out war between the witches
"tall, statuesque woman with curling black hair, 'good' features, dark skin....and fierce black eyes"(Kein161)
"I have been to St. Louis No. 1 and I have seen the tomb of Laveau. Seen the fat tourists from Little Rock to Hackensack drawing crosses on the bricks, making wishes to the bones of Marie Laveau"(Boy Parts)
"Little do they know, all they have to do to get their wishes granted was come down here to the Ninth Ward and get their hair braided"(Boy Parts)
"we do know that Marie began a career as a professional hairdresser to support herself... and came to be in demand by the ladies of Creole high society"(Kein166)
"this work is generally thought to have served as the foundation of her career as a Voodooienne"(Kein 166)
Marie Laveau
"shaman...mambo...queen"(Kein 166)
by Katherine LaVeaux
"Well maybe you haven't heard the news about civilization started in Africa. We're more then just pins and dolls and seeing the future in chicken parts"(Boy Parts)
Voodoo tradition "contains African ancestor reverence, native american earth ownership, and European Christian occultism"(Kein 167)
Voodoo incorporates the African respect of ancestors, the native american's perspective of earth's resources and European cultures awareness of paranormal
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