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New Production Process


J West

on 10 June 2013

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Transcript of New Production Process

Client centered approach to building efficiency A production process that delivers high quality service in the quickest possible time frame while meeting the program requirements. Vision Mission CEDA Wx Assessor
& Mechanical Contractor Intention Quality and Quantity
... an Up Hill Battle Verifier Scheduling Supervisor Review Architectural Contractor Final Inspection Costing Internal Operations Intake Contractor Relations Intake Site- online component CEDA Wx- approval starts process Customer centered approach to
building efficiency A production process that Shorten time from intake to completion Customer appointment generates alert to Verifier and Assessor Assigning contractor to job alerts Mechanical Contractor Submitting Contractor paperwork generates alert to scheduling Scheduling Supervisor appointment generates alert Supervisor review/inspection sheet generates alert to contractor Submitting Contractor paperwork generates alert to Scheduling Scheduling FI appointment generates alert Leverages technology and our experience Meets the program requirements. Quickest possible time frame and Delivers high quality service Create an environment where CEDA is in control. Walk away when needed before problems begin Handle hazardous conditions immediately Facilitate high level communication between groups – no more siloing! Deliver feedback to assessors and contractors in real time Dramatically reduce change orders Provide consistent, high level customer education about WX and CEDA process Significantly increase first time yield
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