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No description

Nami Rose Weatherby

on 19 October 2013

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Transcript of FOOD FAIR 2013

That's the end of
the presentation!
Which group do you want to be in? Before that, we'll give a brief description of what we are planning on doing...
Scavenger/Treasure Hunt
Scavenger Hunt
Here we will plan our activity for food fair. Each class has to do something, and I think we all agreed on:
We will also decide team leaders!
Any questions?
Grade 7
-Scavenger Hunt/Treasure Hunt
A bracelet team will decide the details, but in this group basically what you will be doing is you will make bracelets before the Food Fair and sell the bracelets at Food Fair. Having many different types of bracelets is great, so you can make whatever type of bracelet you can! Even at the food fair, during you shift, you can continue to make some more bracelets.

For this activity, we will create missions and riddles for people to solve. If they can complete everything, in the end they should be able to find their prize! We will have to bring prizes (even if you are not on this team) that we can hide for our customers for look for.
Details to be discussed later in groups.
It would be great to have about the same number of people in each group.
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