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The American Dream

No description

Nate Nuguid

on 29 January 2014

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Transcript of The American Dream

My American Dream
Travel around the world
My Plan
My Family's American Dream
They came for the new jobs and opportunities.
They did not come just only for money.
What is It?
The American Dream is one's personal idea of freedom, opportunity, and what they want to do in the United States.
The American Dream
The Journey
Both of my parents went to college.

There were new opportunities that America presented.
Society wanted to create a better life for them and their future generations
Also, they wanted to better the life of their children.
To make and mix my own music
Have a few side businesses
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Get accepted into a good college to get an education in music.
They wanted to own their own house
After college they each got jobs.
They saved their money so they could buy a house.
Wanted to own property
Then started a family and they achieved their American Dream.
Start creating my own music to make money.
I want to own my own house.
I would also invest my money.
Andrew Carnegie
They came to support their family not just themselves.
Then I would get educated in business.
To get married and start a family
John D. Rockefeller
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