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Copyright & Fair Use of Print

LLLS 6231 Mid-Term Project

Laura Rahman

on 16 August 2011

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Transcript of Copyright & Fair Use of Print

Copyright & Fair Use of Print
by Sarah Albright & Laura Rahman Copyright is ... Fair Use ... Allows users "conditional rights" to use copyrighted material under certain guidelines. 1) Purpose or character of use
2) Nature of work to be used
3) Amount used
4) Effect of use on market or value Guidelines for Fair Use So can I use and copy any print materials I want for my classroom? ... small It protects "original works of authorship."

LITERARY, DRAMATIC, MUSICAL, ARTISTIC A law of the United States that protects
from misuse and using works without
permission. YES and NO. The Fair Use Guidelines are only a guide, but other factors can be taken into consideration. Other Factors:
Length and/or number of items
Cumulative Effect You can copy for single use:
a chapter from a book
an article from a newspaper
a short story, essay, or poem
a chart, graph, drawing, diagram, cartoon, or picture from a book You can copy for multiple uses:
poems < 250 words
articles, essays, or stories < than 2500 words
excerpt from a longer piece (10% or 1,000 words)
one chart, picture, diagram, graph, or cartoon per book or periodical use
no more than 2 pages from an illustrated work with < 2,500 words THE DO's THE DON'Ts Still not sure? Try this!
http://librarycopyright.net/fairuse/ Do you want your students to know about
copyright? Try this!
http://www.loc.gov/teachers/copyrightmystery/# You cannot:
make extra copies, only 1 per student
copy consumables
create anthologies
copy to substitute purchasing printed text Assess Your Knowledge

http://www.proprofs.com/quiz-school/story.php?title=copyright-quiz_10 Have you violated copyright?
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