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Travel Machine

No description

Munyaradzi Kusina

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Travel Machine

Today's date is April 19, 2010 Nothing has really changed. You still dream about driving amzing looking cars. Like this. Wearing awesome looking clothing. Like:
True Religion
Gucci Shoes
Louis Vuitton You live life and watch 3D movies at the IMAX Theaters. Your even able to search history on a source called the Internet Even watch your favorite teams on the Internet.
Sports like:
Hockey Downloading music is awesome. Thats through the internet too. Itunes, get any song for 0.99 cents. Today's date is April 20, 1920 Something has totally gone wrong. But what? The is no LV Clothing, Internet, amzing cars,
3D movies and so on. This is what you wear. And you drive this to work everyday. Music is played through a juke box or record player. You find history about your presidents
and all that good stuff i books.
On April 19, 1920 Woodrow Wilson was
The president of the United States
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