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Juan Ponce De Leon

No description

Brandon Guillen

on 30 April 2010

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Transcript of Juan Ponce De Leon

Juan Ponce De Leon Born in Santervas, Spain in 1460 died in July 1521 in Havana, Cuba buried in San Juan, Puerto Rico He was a military soldier fighting Muslims in the early 1490’s In 1493 he traveled with Christopher Columbus on his second voyage to the Americas.
He did not return he stayed in the “Santo Domingo” now know as the Dominican Republic.
In 1502-1504 Ponce de Leon assisted in the conquest of Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) and was chosen to be governor of the land He heard rumors of gold in the neighboring land know as Borinquen (Puerto Rico). Ponce de Leon forcefully took the land and was also made governor, until he was removed of his power for brutally handling the Natives. Ponce de Leon return to Spain and was given the right to claim Bimmi (Bahamas) under the Spanish name. On his journey to the Bahamas he heard rumors of the “Fountain of Youth”, instead he ended up landing in Florida. At first he believed he was in the Bahamas, because he thought it was an island. Instead it was an unknown land, later to be named Florida because of its abundance of flowers. Juan Ponce de Leon died on his second journey to Florida, in 1521.Upon arrival with his 200 men, they were ambushed by the natives. During the attack Ponce de Leon was wounded by an arrow, leading to their retreat to Cuba where he later died. He is buried in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Why do remember him? He was the first European explorer to discover Florida He wanted to discover the “Fountain of Youth” He established the oldest European settlement in Puerto Rico by: Abi Cohen and Brandon Guillen Quiz Time What is his greatest accomplishment? Who did he travel with in 1493? What was he looking for? How did he die?
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