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Edward Smutharaks

on 3 November 2014

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Transcript of "Shared"

"Shared Kn"
Mathematics And Natural Science
How does shared knowledge influence individualized/personal perception?

In which form of knowledge is shared knowledge more influential on personal knowledge?
(Referencing to Academic and Tacit)
How is does shared knowledge affect personal knowledge in the scope of Academic knowledge?
Is the effect different from Tacit knowledge?
how so?
Does the nature of shared knowledge differentiate from AOK to AOK?
Does the influence of shared knowledge on personal knowledge differentiate from AOK to AOK?
Since AOKs are different, does the difference in the nature and acquisition of knowledge in each AOK affect how shared knowledge affects personal knowledge?
Individual concepts of color
Shared knowledge: what is the color is labeled as or named

Personal knowledge: how we actually visualize the color.

There is currently now way of knowing if two people are seeing the same "color" if they both say it's red. (For example)
In which ways do shared taught knowledge affect implicit/tacit personal knowledge?
In which Areas of Knowledge is the effect of
shared knowledge stronger/more significant?
How does the degree of subjectivity in an area of knowledge play a role in the effect of shared knowledge on personal?
Do more objective areas of knowledge consist of more shared knowledge?
How significant is shared knowledge in shaping personal, implicit knowledge?
Does the flexibility in how shared knowledge becomes personal knowledge vary from aok to aok?
Do more subjective areas of knowledge consist of more personal knowledge?
"With reference to two areas of knowledge discuss the way in which shared knowledge can shape personal knowledge."
In which ways are shared knowledge applied in implicit personal knowledge?
Shared knowledge influences personal knowledge via a common means of communication
Does the concept quantity exist before the concept of numbers are taught?
Does gravity exist if one is never taught the concept of gravity?

Personal: existence of a force
Shared: It is called gravity, and this is how it works.

The degree that shared knowledge affects personal knowledge depend on the objective and subjectivity in areas of knowledge

In certain areas of knowledge where the
means of communication can be more subjected to interpretation
shared knowledge have
of a effect. (History, Arts, Religion)
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