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Astronomy Project


wesley Fraser

on 30 October 2009

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Transcript of Astronomy Project

Could we live on Oberon?
William Herschel a germen born astronomer discovered Oberon on January 11, 1787. He is also credited for discovering many other moons of Uranes and Uranes it self . William used a home made telescope in his back gardens. To whom do we credit this moon to? Names just dont come out of thin air
where is it from? Oberon as some might recognize it was derived from
William Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream.
although Oberon is not quite a king of fairies it is how
ever the secound largest moon of Uranes. All the moons
of Uranes are derived from wrightings by Shakespear or Alexander Pope. By Wes Fraser
2nd period
Astronomy So this moon orbits something right?!?!!?!?!? Oberon orbits outside the magnetosphear of Uranes at 584000km. It is at or near tidal lock with Uranes and has a orbital period of about 13.5 days. with a Eccentricity 0.0014 and a Inclination 0.058°. Moons are made of something last time i check
what is oberon composed of? With a density of 1.63g/cm and an equal porportion of water ice to non-ice componets Oberon has a solid creater infested surface. Canyons are also found on the surface. Spectroscopic reading have proven Oberon has water on it. Interesting so what makes this moon
stick out from the others?
With and orbit out side the magnetosphere Oberon
is pummled by solar winds. Making it un hospitable
by humans since our body is not designed to take on
solar winds. An Icy mantle has been thought to be in
place for our lava mantle on earth. Could this play a
factor on if we can live there or not. Oberon is also
thought to have a rocky core which will cause no
magnetosphear to form around it to protect it from
solar winds. With a lack of a known atmospear we would
no be able to live out side of a space suit on Oberon. This moon has a surface right? Oberon's surface is a reddish color with blue spots in the newer
impact sights. Many crators and canyons can be seen from our
telescopes. Bright ejecta is found near creaters sugesting ice is
on the surface. This moon has a atmosphear right?
As of right now there is no knowledge of Oberon having a Atmosphear.
Due to the large amount of craters there seems to be a lack of one.
There is no way you know this ...
Work Cited http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oberon_(moon)




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