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Tyler K

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of WWII

STRENGTH OF THE ARMIES gERMAN aRMY Led by General Paulus 1 Had over 1,011,000 men 10,00 And 10,000 artillery guns 675 tanks and over 1200 planes Russian Army Led By Marshal Zuhkov Had 1,000,500 soldiers 13,541 Artillery Guns 894 tanks And 1,115 planes The battle of stalingrad - Important Facts Battle of Stalingrad started
in July 1942 and ended in Feb. 1943.
The order was given to
Paulus by Hitler to take Stalingrad
when they were already on their way
to their primary target, the Caucusus The Battle of Stalingrad was one
of the most brutal in WWII There were streets fought
over with hand-to-hand combat and although the Nazis
took over a great deal of the
city during the day, Russians
would retake it at night.
When the Germans entered the city,
Marshall Zhukov used his 6 armies of
one million men to trap the Germans
inside the city. This could have been a trap
broke out of at the beginning
but Hitler's orders forbade it The Germans were trapped in Stalingrad for the winter Paulus was ordered by Hitler to fight to last
bullet, likewise were the Russians for the purpose
that the city was named after their leader. But by January, Paulus could do
nothing but surrender. The battle was said to have takenabout 1.5 million lives and both armies suffered greatly, while the Russians recovered, the Germans did not because
they were fighting a two front war.
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