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Maya Mystery

No description

Aria Leonhard

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Maya Mystery

What really happened?! Maya Mystery! Happy people = :-) Then, in the space of 50 to 100 years,
the civilization that supported
these centers fell apart! For about 600 years, the great cities
of the Southern lowlands thrived. The collapse of the Classic Mayan civilization is one of the great mysteries of Mesoamerican history. THEORY 1: The populations of the cities grew
faster than the Mayan farming systems
could sustain them.

More people + Not enough food = :-( THEORY 2: Scholars have also proposed that long
periods of drought, or dry weather,
caused massive crop failure.

Plants need water!

Farming - water = :-( THEORY 3: Uncontrolled warfare!

In the centuries after 300 C.E., the
skirmishes that were common among
city-states, escalated into
full-fledged WARS.

A final possibility that invaders
from central Mexico helped to
destroy the Mayan city-states. What we DO know: The great cities disappeared.

The Maya migrated away from the old
Mayan heartland and returned to
village life.

Stone by stone, the jungle reclaimed
the great pyramids and plazas. YOUR JOB: Pick a theory and explain WHY that theory explains the collapse of Maya.

Theory 1 - populations grew faster than farming systems could sustain

Theory 2 - long periods of drought, or dry weather, caused massive crop failure.

Theory 3 - central Mexico helped to destroy Mayan city-states through war.What happened?
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