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Final Thesis

No description

Yasmin Hashish

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of Final Thesis

The effect of Down syndrome on a child´s
memory and motor skills Final Thesis Biology 2012/2013

Ms. Eva van Schendel

Signe Hagedoorn & Yasmin Hashish Features Our research Research Results Conclusion Physical Features Memory Prenatal Research General Causes Down Syndrome - What is Down Syndrome?
- Trisomy 21
- Chromosome
- DNA - Full trisomy 21 Down syndrome: 94%
- Mosaicism Down syndrome: 2.5%
- Translocation Down syndrome: 3.5% - Combination test
- Chorionic Villus sampling
- Amniocentesis
Types of memory
Short term memory with Down syndrome
Long term memory with Down syndrome 'Vuursteen-group
Professor Feuerstein - No effect on the visuospatial short-term memory;
CORRECT according to the literature

- However there is a significant negative effect on
the gross motor skills;
CORRECT according to the literature Any questions? Education Method
General findings
Down Syndrome Results Memory Results gym Method
Levels of difficulty
Results Common Medical Issues Mental disability
Neurology Motor skills Research question What is Down syndrome and how does it affect the memory and motor skills in comparison to children without the syndrome?

•What is Down syndrome?
•What are the causes of Down syndrome?
•What are the features of Down syndrome?
•What are the common medical issues?
•What kind of prenatal research is done?
•What kind of education is there for children with this
•What are motor skills and how do they work?
•How does the memory function? Sub-questions: Expectations & Hypothesis We expect that a child with Down syndrome will have lower results on the test we will perform. If the memory and motor skills are impaired in children with Down syndrome, then we will see that during our tests they do not perform as well as children without this syndrome. Risk factors: - Maternal Age
- Environmental factors Types of Down syndrome: - Stages of motor skill learning
- Gross motor skills
- Fine motor skills
- Effect of Down syndrome Results making a building in a group Results drawings - Visit 'Vuursteen'- group
- Research at the school:
- Memory game
- Gym
- Drawing
- Making a building in a group Visit 'Vuursteen'-group
Research at the school:
- Memory game
- Gym
- Drawing
- Making a building in a group - They were incapable of working together to
accomplish the given task
- Did not use all materials given - Immediately started discussing the task
- Made a plan
- Divided the tasks
- Good teamwork
- Used every kind of material that was given Group 4 - 6 (ages 4, 5, and 6): Group 1 - 3: (ages 8 until 12):
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