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Brooke Allinger

No description

Brooke Allinger

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of Brooke Allinger

Brooke Allinger
This Will Help...
These characteristics will help me in this class, school, and life because when I get stressed from procrastinating, I do my best work. My best work also comes from my perfectionist ways. Being adventurous lets me take risks in life and my dog helps me relieve stress.
My Goals
My goals are to earn an A and become a better writer/presenter.
I'm a...

Dog Lover
Who I Am
My family is my main motivators they always say good job and that keeps me carrying on.
I belong to the hunting community. This community has helped me become more responsible and environmentally friendly.
Strengths and Weakness
My strengths are organization, being
punctual, and determined.
My weaknesses are mostly procrastination and spelling.
I would love to improve both my procrastination and my spelling because they both need a lot of work.
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