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Emma Paschal & Jessica Cao

No description

lib hist

on 11 September 2014

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Transcript of Emma Paschal & Jessica Cao

Emma Paschal & Jessica Cao
Sammy Davis & Alonzo Cushing
He died in battle at age 22 while fighting to end slavery in the Civil War
His efforts helped the Union Army fight off the confederate attack
One of 4 brothers to go and fight for the Union
Alonzo Cushing
He played a pivitol role in the entire war
While he was injured in battle, he directed the operation of his lone field piece, continually firing at the enemy (the confederates)
Alonzo Cushing
Commanded an artillery battery with 125 men trying to fight off a charge of Virginians and other confederates
Alonzo Cushing
Even though he was wounded in the stomach and shoulder during battle, he refused to evacuate and was eventually shot and killed
He was shot several times but kept fighting until he was struck in the mouth by a bullet
Davis' family was in the military and he wanted to do the same.
Davis really want to be a soldier and enlisted right after high school
Sammy Davis
A major told Davis and his men "your probability of getting hit is 100%" on the night of the attack but they all stayed.
There were 42 americans vs. about 1500 of they enemy separated by a river but they stayed and attacked
Sammy Davis
Sammy Davis
Davis went to save 3 men across the river(very close tothe ememy) when he was wounded and weak
Davis risked his life to save the 3 men who were severely injured when he was already injured himself
Even when he was blown away from his position and his waepon was damaged he still scrambled to his feet and figured out a way to fire
Davis was shot in the back a lot and was exhausted from battle he still continued his duties
Sammy Davis
Alonzo Cushing
Sammy Davis
Alonzo Cushing
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