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Rights and Responsibilities

No description

Jennifer L

on 11 July 2013

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Transcript of Rights and Responsibilities

Rights and Responsibilities in a Democracy
The Right to Life is a basic civil right that implies the protection of the life of a citizen against an assault by other citizens against an external attack. The right to life also carries with it the right to use force self-defence.
Right to Family
Freedom of Religion
This implies that citizens have the right to profess, practice and beget any religion.
Freedom of Speech
This right means that a citizen has the freedom to express his/her views in any way he/she likes. One may openly criticize the government. Democracy is a type of government by criticism from the citizens. Healthy criticism keeps the government aware of its defects.
The five most important rights provided to citizens in a democratic state are:
This right means that a person has the right to marry, to have children, and to have protection on his/her family life.
This means that every citizen has complete freedom of action within the limits of the law. One should not be punished without proper cause and a fair and open trial.
One responsibility that comes with Right to Life is to make sure that one is aware that one moderates the force used in self-defense. For example, one cannot kill a person simply because the person has attempted to steal one's belongings.
One must not violate any laws of the country, and refrain from using this right to harass or harm other citizens.
I believe that suicide is a way of throwing away this right; and although it should not be made illegal, for it would not change anything, citizens should always keep in mind that they should respect and protect their rights.
Right to Life
Right to Liberty
Although one has the right to choose their family and marry whom they wish to marry, one must not harm other families and should always attempt to prevent conflict.
The responsibility of freedom of speech is to use it wisely, or else be prepared to abide by the consequences if one says something foolish. Other people may use their own freedom of speech in ways that will not be pleasant for some.
Freedom of religion means we have the right to be heard, and we accept the responsibility to listen to others. We must make sure that we understand that religious freedom does not mean we have the right to bully those who do not share our beliefs.
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