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Human Trafficking in The United States

No description

Hayley Bush

on 15 January 2013

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Transcript of Human Trafficking in The United States

Human Trafficking in The United States In The United States... There are as many as 300,000 men, women and children in slavery today
$9.5 billion annual industry in US
The average age of entry into human trafficking is 12-14.
Majority of victims are American citizens and not foreigners
Majority of victims in US are children
A pimp can make $200,000 per yer per child. The average pimp has 4-6 children.
Many drug rings are turning to human trafficking because unlike drugs, humans are non disposable In The Southeast... What Can We Do? Where are we now? In Mississippi... I-10 is the most heavily traveled road by human traffickers
Houston, Atlanta, Dallas, New Orleans, Tampa, Baton Rouge, Charlotte, Jackson, Memphis, Birmingham, and the Gulf Coast are all major trafficking hubs
"Lot Lizards" - Sex trafficking rings at truck stops all around the nation
Houston: Girls are brought over from Mexico to work in Cantinas
Baton Rouge: 350 teachers were found to be trafficked from The Philippines Who are the Victims? Victims are often young girls who have ran away from home, and are manipulated into trafficking by men who offer them love and understanding
Within 48 hours from running away, 1 in 3 girls will turn to trafficking
Victims of most labor trafficking are foreigners that have been tricked into indentured servitude, never being able to pay off their debts
They are trafficked all across the country, and traded between pimps, making it difficult to find the victims or the pimps
Where to find victims: Asian massage parlors, strip clubs, bars/cantinas, casinos, hotel maids, truck stops, large events such as the Super Bowl
54% of the time, the victim has had no prior relation with the trafficker No way to know exact numbers, but it is estimated that thousands of girls are sexually exploited each year throughout the state A coast immigration attorney has found over 800 labor slaves on the coast, and it is estimated that there are many more sex slaves than labor slaves Largest labor trafficking case US has seen was from Pascagoula, MS In 2011, 20 Filipino slave laborers were found throughout the state. In Hattiesburg, several of these worked bailing pine straw for $3 an hour and lived in a trailer with no water or electricity Jackson is a hub for modern slave trading The Port of Gulfport, Air Force bases, an international airport, casinos and thriving nightlife, I-10 and tourism make the MS Gulf Coast a major attraction for traffickers. An overwhelming majority of trafficked individuals in MS are children The Super Bowl will bring thousands of extra traffickers to Mississippi Cost of a slave in 1800's: $40,000
Cost of a slave today: $90 Combating human trafficking is a relatively new thing in Mississippi Mississippi has no safe harbor laws, which allow underage girls/boys charged with prostitution to be prosecuted as victims Mississippi has 0 safe houses for victims of trafficking. There are only 11 safe houses in the nation, with a total of 100 beds Human Trafficking Hotline Laws are in process to make it a felony to traffic a minor A Tier 3 state (out of 4) in terms of fighting human trafficking Tell someone about human trafficking in our area!!!!! Trafficking exists in every state. Learn how to recognize a victim and let law enforcement or the human trafficking hotline know! Shows signs of abuse or restraint
Appears fearful or anxious, especially when law enforcement is brought up
Is not allowed to speak for themselves
Has little or no possessions
Carries no identification or little money
Avoids eye contact
Lost sense of time
Never appears in public alone
May appear malnourished Human Trafficking Hotline: 1-888-373-7888 Hayley Bush
PS 459 Mississippi has 1 nonprofit dedicated to ending human trafficking, Advocated for Freedon
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