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maliezel santos

on 9 August 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Defense of Rizal's Novel
Defenders of the Noli Me Tangere
Propagandists such as;
He wrote a defense of the Noli
Rev. Fr. Vicente Garcia
Noli Me Tangere in Spain
The novel was fiercely attacked in the session hall of the Senate of the Spanish Cortes.
General Jose de Salamanca
General Luis de Pando
Sr. Fernando Vida
Vicente Barantes
Marcelo H. del Pilar
Graciano Lopez-Jaena
Antonio Ma. Regidor
Mariano Ponce
Father Francisco de Paula Sanchez
Don Segismundo Moret
Prof. Miguel Morayta
Prof. Ferdinand Blumentritt
A Filipino Catholic priest-scholar.
Pen name -
Justo Desiderio Magalang
Translator of many books.

A Pamphlet on July 18, 1888
1. Rizal cannot be an "ignorant man" because he was graduated of spanish universities and he was a recipient of scholastic Records.
2. Rizal does not attack the church and Spain because what Rizal attacked in the Noli were the bad spanish officials and the bad corrupt friars.
3. Fr. Rodriguez said that those who read the Noli Me Tangere commit a mortal sin.
Governor-General Emilio Terrero
a liberal minded Spaniard who knew that Rizal’s life was in jeopardy because the friars were powerful.
Because of this he gave Rizal a bodyguard to protect him.

A young Spanish lieutenant who came from a noble family

He was cultured and knew painting

He could speak French, English and Spanish.

They became good friends.
Lt.Jose Taviel de Andrade
He ordered a government investigation of the friars estates to remedy whatever iniquities might have been presents in connection with land taxes and with tenant relations.
Governor-General Terrero,
Findings submitted by Rizal;
1. The hacienda of the Dominican order comprised not only the lands around Calamba, but the whole town of Calamba.
2. The profits of the Dominican Order continually increased because of the arbitrary increase of he rentals paid by the tenants.
3. The hacienda owner never contributed a single centavo for the celebration of the town fiesta, for the education of the children, and for the improvement of agriculture.
4. Tenants who spent much labor in clearing the lands were dispossessed of the said lands for flimsy reasons
5. High rates of interest were arbitrarily charged the tenants for delayed payment of rentals
When the rentals could not be paid, the hacienda management confiscated the work animals, tools, and farm implements of the tenants.

Himno Al Trabajo (Hymn To Labor)
A poem for Lipa – shortly before Rizal left in 1888, he was asked by a friend to write a poem in commemoration of the town’s city hood.
On February 3, 1888 Rizal left his country with a heavy heart.
But this is for his own good and the safety of his family and friends.

Farewell Philippines
YOU! :)
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