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Copy of Configuring Computer Systems and Networks

Computer Hardware Servicing NCII

on 14 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Configuring Computer Systems and Networks

Configure Computer Systems and Networks
Computer Hardware Servicing NCII
The student is further expected to
Roles of Trainer
This module contains information and suggested learning activities on Computer Hardware Servicing II. It includes training materials and activities for you to complete. Completion of this module will help you better understand the succeeding module on the Maintaining Computer System and Networks.
Roles of Trainee
Don Bosco Communications and Information Technology Institute
Rules and Regulations
- Trainees should always have a valid student ID.

- Trainees should always follow instructions given by the trainer.

- Trainees should place all materials and/or items not required on the floor.

-Stop writing/or stop using the computer once they have been
informed that the session time has expired.
Here are some of the Competency Based Training Principles
established in 2008, is a full scale ICT product and service provider.
We deliver a range of services such as ICT infrastructure setup, systems integration, solutions development, training, and technical support.
Don Bosco CITI is a collaborative effort of Don Bosco Technical College and Don Bosco Philippines North Province. We are a company duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.
-maintain good health
-to be neat in personal appearance
-to practice safe working procedures at all time with appropriate equipment.
is based on curriculum developed from the competency standards.
is based on curriculum developed from the competency standards.
is based on work that must be performed
is based both on and off the job components
allows for multiple entry and exit
Manages learning. A consultation rather than a provider of information.
A facilitator of the facilitator of the learning
Stimulates trainees' motivation
Evaluates student achievement
Assist learners to obtain individualized rewards.
may select what they want to learn and when they want to learn it, within reason.
learn at their own rate within program guidelines.
may choose how they want to learn individually, on a one to one basis, in a small group, in large group, or with audio-visuals
are responsible for what they learn and when they learn it.
learn according to their interest, needs and abilities - not according to teacher timelines and expediency.
Tools, Equipment and its Usage
- It is used to connect external devices to the computer system.
- A piece of hardware that plugs into an expansion slot in your computer.
Wires and Cables
- It is used to connect computers for network.
Appropriate software
- This software packages are used to install new drivers needed in setting up your computer.
- These help you in saving data and providing backup for your files such as diskette,compact disc, flash drives and memory cards.
Storage Media
Reference book
- These are books that will provide topics about networking or related books on computer.
- These provide instructions for certain operation or task.
Cable ties
- It is used to organized wires and cables used in connecting computers to avoid
These are the following tools/ testing devices needed in the configuration task:
Screw Drivers
Soldering iron/gun
Magnifying glass
Safety apparel suit
Anti-static wrist strap
− It is used to join two or more metal conductors with the support of soldering lead melted around it.
− It is used by technician for measuring current, voltage and resistance.
− It is a device made of glass with handle. It exaggerates or increase the apparent size of an object.
- It is used by the person for body protection.
- It absorbs the static electricity of the material when being hold by the hands.
- It is used to hold the small sensitive part of the computer.
− used for cutting and trimming of connecting wires or terminal leads in the circuit board.
- It is used for cleaning sensitive parts of the computer.
− It is used to fasten negative and positive slotted screws

Mini-vacuum cleaner
Choose five materials, tools and testing devices discussed in the lesson.

Demonstrate the use of the following tools and materials.
The performance will be rated according to the following:

Performance Criteria:

5 - Has demonstrated and discussed five materials
4 - Has demonstrated and discussed four materials
3 - Has demonstrated and discussed three materials
2 - Has demonstrated and discussed two materials
1 - Has not demonstrated and discussed any materials
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