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Lord of the Flies Report

Good Book With Action At Every Turn

Pison Seghen

on 26 October 2012

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Transcript of Lord of the Flies Report

Stranded Kids Try To Work Together For Survival! Lord of the Flies Intro Plot Main Characters Quotes Resources Boys that are being evacuated from
England during a war have their plane
shot down. They land on an unknown
island that appears to be abandoned,
which is very mysterious. After the plane crashes, the boys all
get summoned by the sound of a conch.
The conch is being blown on by a kid
named Ralph. Ralph will end up getting
elected chief, which will make Jack furious.
Eventually, Jack and the hunters will leave
Ralph's group and start their own tribe.
Jack will become chief of the new tribe.
The two tribes will argue and steal,
causing them to grow apart. This will
ultimately lead to two deaths. Ralph: Chief of the island, owner
of the conch, son of a Marine, tall,
and fair haired.
Piggy: Asthmatic, lives with aunt,
chubby, near sighted, genius,
Ralph's friend, Jack's "punching dummy"
Jack: Leader of the Choir/Hunters,
Piggy's tormentor, enjoys killing,
Chief of "Tribe 2"
Simon: short, first one to actually see
the Beast, went on exploration of the
island trip with Ralph and Jack.
Beast: Lord of the Flies, Pig head
on a stick, spreads chaos "You don't half look a mess" http://im.glogster.com/media/5/26/82/43/26824355.jpg
http://static.environmentalgraffiti.com/sites/default/files/images/tenerife_crash.jpg Roger says this to Jack, which means
that he doesn't look horrifying, but he is a bit messy.
"I bet it's gone tea-time"
Piggy says this to Ralph, which is
Piggy's way to hold onto the tradition from home, in
a way.
"You couldn't stop me coming if wanted"
Roger says this to the savage/hunters.
this means that even if they tried, they wouldn't be able to stop him. Conflicts Conflict 1: The conch is the
only symbol of order. Will
something happen to it?
Conflict 2: Ralph believes a smoke
signal will alert people to save
them. Will it work?
Conflict 3: Jack is mad Ralph became leader. What will he
do? Foreshadowing When Piggy confides
to Ralph that Piggy is
his nickname, he tells
Ralph not to tell anyone. Will Ralph keep Piggy's secret? Review "A must read book"
"Once you start, you
won't be able to stop"
-PBJ Man
"A book for any age,
group, or personality,
you happen to be,
this book is for you"
-King Fro Ralph Jack Roger Piggy Simon Choir Sam and Eric Liluns Biguns
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