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Why did the blonde cross the road??

A workshop on cultural diversity, stupid blondes and drunk Irishmen!

Amy Lowry

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of Why did the blonde cross the road??

Stereotypes assume characteristics based on large group of individuals whose beliefs, habits and actions are similar.
Stereotypes are RARELY
COMPLETELY ACCURATE! They are either loosely based on some kernel of truth or completely fabricated.
Prejudice is the noun form of PRE-JUDGE.
Examples of
Stereotypes & Prejudice
Talk it Over...
Discrimination is an action based on prejudice resulting in unfair treatment of other people.
Why did the blonde cross the road?
Prejudge means making judgments or forming opinions before getting all the facts.
Example: The Holocaust!
Not Up My Street!!

Have a look at the list on handout 3.
Imagine you are on a residents committee. The house next to you is being sold. Ten people have viewed the house and are willing to make an offer.
Now put in order who you would MOST like to live nextdoor to you if you had the choice. With 1 being your first choice and 10 being your least favourite choice.
“Stereotypes are devices for saving a biased person the trouble of learning”
Prejudice cannot see the things that are because it is always looking for things that aren't”
A workshop on
cultural diversity, stupid blondes and drunk Irishmen!
Anyone know what a
Preconceived NotionS!
Word Assosciation!
Examples of stereotypes!
Blondes are stupid
Teenagers are brats
Women cant drive and should stay in the kitchen making sandwiches
White people are racist
Men are logical and emotionless
Irish people are always drunk
and only eat potatoes
Complete the phrase:
Boys are . . .
Girls are . . .
Current Issues
Stereotypes can be positive or negative
NOW: Listen to the additional information about each applicant.
In groups of 2-3, re-assess your original choices and make a final decision about who you want to live next to you!
Did your original choice change
after hearing the additional information?
If so...why??
What is it?
How could we overcome these issues?

What is it?
How could we overcome racism?

Women in the workplace - a big issue over the years!
Do you think this mans attitude is ok or is he prejudiced?
What does this video illustrate?
Do you think this mans attitude to people from different countries will change when he learns that they have saved his life?
Where to go for help!
Health Clinic
Thanks for listening!

Stereotypes can be useful but be careful - they can lead to prejudiced behaviour! Be proud of your own cultural identity but do not discriminate against others because of theirs!
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