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Basecamp Prezi

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Eric Becker

on 14 May 2014

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Transcript of Basecamp Prezi

Traditional community loan fund terms:

3 yrs, 1.5%, 5 yrs, 2.5%
$1,000 minimum investment. Open to unaccredited investors.
30% of commercial lending for food & ag.

Time consuming
Sourcing opportunities
Research/due diligence
Custody and administration
Assets must be appraised in order to bill on them
Only upsides are soft: client loyalty and association with Slow Money movement
Our approach – look for funds and selectively pursue one-off deals


Community investment funds
Single company private placements
Private funds
Land funds
Forestry funds
Investment clubs
Local Investment Opportunity Networks (LIONs)
Direct lending or investing
Ways to invest in agriculture

Investing in sustainable food systems
Patient capital
Spectrum of risk from relatively safe community investments to risky equity
Food systems are diverse, from farm inputs to production, value-added, distribution, retail, and, of course, compost

What is Slow Money?

Food is at the center of sustainability and health.
Soil carbon is key to slowing and reversing climate change.
A burgeoning real food movement has emerged.
The imperative of sustainable agriculture

Eric Becker, CFA
Clean Yield Asset Management
Norwich, VT

Getting Down and Dirty with Your Clients: Investing in the Soil
Small VT organic seed company - $700K in revenues at time of deal (12/31/07)
Raised $800K through 10-year convertible preferred shares at 6%.
After 5 years converted to term loan or common stock.
At 12/31/12 all investors chose to convert to term loan.
Allowed founders to maintain control.
Accredited investors only.
Community loan fund
Single-company private deal
Private fund
$2.5 mm fund investing in VT ag and clean energy using royalty finance model.
Unknown return – could lose money or make double-digits.
Investments in VT Smoke & Cure, Farmers to You.
$25K minimum, accredited investors only.

Lending organizations:
The Carrot Project
RSF Social Finance
Vermont Community Loan Fund
New Hampshire Community Loan Fund
CEI - Maine

Private Funds:
VSJF Flexible Capital Fund
More Resources
Land Funds:
Iroquois Valley Farms
Farmland LP

Forestry Funds:
Lyme Timber
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