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5 Facts About Internet Collaboration

By: Roxanna Santiago

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of 5 Facts About Internet Collaboration

5 Facts About Internet Collaboration
Fact 1
Internet collaboration allows people from all over the world to work on projects together, without actually having to meet up in person.
Fact 2
Collaboration is important! It is good to collaborate because it is easier to share ideas and get feedback.
Fact 3
Collaboration is key for innovation. "After controlling four factors that have been previously suggested to impact the patent output of a firm, including the firm’s strategic alliances, star and nonstar scientists, individual-level scientific ability, and R&D investment,
the extent to which a firm’s scientists collaborate externally on scientific articles positively influences the firm’s innovation
." (Almeida, Hohberger & Parada, 2011)
Fact 4
Internet collaboration can actually help you save money.
Fact 5
There are many different types of collaboration. Such as "a closed and hierarchical network (an elite circle), an open and hierarchical network (an innovation mall), an open and flat network (an innovation community), and a closed and flat network (a consortium)." (Pisano & Verganti, 2008)
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By: Roxanna Santiago
Student ID: 3912737

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