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Way To Serve is an exciting new training program to get alcohol server training on your own computer. Complete the training at your own pace, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to travel to a class.

Ashley Gilbert

on 13 June 2016

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Transcript of WAY TO SERVE

The Research
Researchers at the Center on Alcoholism, Substance Abuse, and Addictions at the University of New Mexico were certain that responsible sales and service of alcohol could be improved. They set out to provide standardized training over the Internet on proven Responsible Beverage Service methods. In 2006, they obtained funds from the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism at the U.S. National Institutes of Health to create Way To Serve.

Way To Serve was evaluated in 4 New Mexico communities, using what is known as a randomized study. Bars and restaurants whose servers were trained using Way To Serve were compared to premises that did not use Way To Serve. Refusal rates for customers who appeared intoxicated increased from 35% to almost 70% after training by Way To Serve. And, nearly every time it was tested, staff at premises using Way To Serve refused more apparently-intoxicated customers than premises that did not use it.

Way To Serve is now available to the public, through a license agreement with Wedge Communications LLC. Wedge Communications specializes in moving effective programs from university research to the marketplace.

Way To Serve is an excellent choice for servers, managers, and owners who wish to serve alcohol in a thoughtful, careful, and responsible way. Improving Responsible Alcohol Service increases the quality of life for all citizens and residents.

Training With Way to Serve
With Way to Serve, we want to make sure that you are receiving real world training so that you will be able to be better prepared in serving alcohol to patrons in your facility. During the online training, you undergo training exercises such as;
Responsible Beverage Sever Training
Way to Serve (WTS) is an online, interactive, evidence-based, state approved alcohol server training program. Having trained over 30,000 servers and sellers responsible alcohol serving techniques thus far, Way to Serve can be completed 100% online at a time that is convenient for the trainee. Once a trainee passes the course, they are approved to sell alcohol in his or her state where Way to Serve is approved.

So what's our goal? That's easy, our goal is simple, it is to prevent over-serving alcohol to patrons and serving to prevent serving to those under the legal age to consume alcohol.
Drink Calculator Activity
Way To Serve gives you an easy to learn and simple to use drinking counting technique to keep your customers safe. The SERVE system enables you to check your customer, count their drinks, and keep them under the BAC limit to drive and be safe
Interactive Activities to Test Your Judgement on Drunk Versus Sober Patrons
Interactive ID Checking
Just as if you are actually at a bar, a series of videos will play and you will have to determine if the patron is intoxicated or sober. You will then have to select a response from the options provided and see how the customer reacts.
You will be tested on checking identification by going through a series of sample ID's to determine if they are of age to consume alcohol legally in that state.
The Latest Digital Technology
Each module contains videos, interactive activities, and quizzes in a slideshow format designed to easily move forward or back to review materials.

There are six module totals covering everything from alcohol laws and regulations to responsible alcohol sales and serving.
Let's Get Started!
Step 1
Select which state you
need to be trained in.
Step 2
Create a profile and select if
you are starting new or need
to renew.
Step 3
You are ready to go! Login
anytime that is convenient
for you. Way to Serve is available 24/7.
The Story
On Christmas Eve in 1992, an all-too-familiar story unfolded in New Mexico. Gordon House, a youth counselor, drove drunk on Interstate 40 and caused a head-on crash that took the lives of Paul Craven's wife and three children. Only Paul and Gordon survived.

In January 1993, the New Mexico legislature responded. It passed laws to reduce drunk driving. One new law made Responsible Beverage Service training mandatory for all persons who sell alcohol. The goal was to keep customers from being served too much alcohol, becoming intoxicated, and driving drunk.

In almost 20 years since, Responsible Beverage Service training in any form has worked. Before the law, patrons who appeared intoxicated were refused service only 20% of the time. After the new law, refusal of service to apparently-intoxicated patrons increased to about 35% of the time. This was good news, but we can do better. Responsible Beverage Service has now caught on in many other states, too.
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