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Eisenhower's presidency

No description

Chris Siler

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Eisenhower's presidency

Eisenhower's Presidency Life before presidency
Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Texas on October 14, 1890 He attended West Point in 1911 He worked in the Army up to World War II, where he became the commanding general of the european theater of operations The election of 1952 The Democrats tried to nominate him for president, but he insted chose to run as a Republican He ran for president to prevent the other Republican, Robert Taft, from becoming president Eisenhower easily won the election against the Democratic nominee, Adlai Stevenson What Eisenhower did as President Eisenhower signed a cease-fire in Korea in July, 1953 Eisenhower followed Truman's policy of containment of Communism He sent military aid to South Vietnam Started using the CIA to combat communism Tried to make peace with the U.S.S.R after Stalin died in 1953 He kept the national debt and inflation near zero Eisenhower opposed illegal immigration, believing it hurt the economy Cut the military back, while stockpiling nuclear weapons, saying that they were more cost effective. He sent national guard troops to Little Rock, Ar, to escort nine african-american students into a recently desegragated school. Created the Federal Aid Highway Act, which provided money for highways, and is the largest public works program to date. Broke diplomatic relations with Cuba By Chris Siler
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