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Book Report: Christy Miller: Summer Promise

No description

Taylor Vallee

on 16 April 2013

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Transcript of Book Report: Christy Miller: Summer Promise

CHRISTY MILLER: SUMMER PROMISE By: Robin Jones Gunn SETTING SETTING This story takes place in the hot and beautiful summer down in California, right along the sandy Newport Beach. This is where Christy Millers unforgettable summer begins. MAIN CHARACTERS The main character in the book "Summer Promise" is Christy Miller. The petite 14 year old girl from Wisconsin travels all the way down to California, Newport Beach to live with her Aunt Marti and Uncle Bob for the summer. This summer Christy fights herself to find who she truly is and to become closer to God. With the help of Todd, her secret crush and her new friends, Christy's summer is one to be remembered. CONFLICT The conflict in the story is self vs. self. Christy is battling herself to find out who the real Christy Miller is suppose to be. Uncle Bob always quotes "To thine own self be true" from Shakespeare. But Christy doesn't exactly know how to be true to herself. She is so caught up in what others do or look like she doesnt know who she truly is. Todd and his friends say that God will show the way if you turn your life over to him, but how do you do that? Shes always been a Christian and gone to church but how does she become one with the Lord? NATURE OF THE NARRATOR The author of "Summer Promise" wrote the book in a way that allowed us teens to live Christy's life as if it were our own. She allowed readers to relate to the story she was telling. The book is written in such a way that it reminds you of your own life challenges. PLOT SUMMARY RISING ACTION EVENT RISING ACTION EVENT RISING ACTION EVENT CLIMAX FALLING ACTION RESOLUTION THEMES OF THE NOVEL The bottom line of the story that the author is trying to express is that you need to be yourself and be the person God made you to be. Trust in the Lord because He can lead you through any storm that life may throw your way. CONCLUSION In conclusion I have to say that "Summer Promise" has been one of the best books I've read. Its because of the relationship I have developed with the characters in the story. I feel as if I am literally in there shoes. Walking down Newport Beach, fighting with Aunt Marti, truly giving my life over to God. You can relate your life challenges completely to the characters. I would absolutely recommended this book to anyone who is in for a good read and a life lesson on being who you want to be and not who others expect you to be. This book taught me that being beautiful or cool means being yourself. You don't need to change you to be accepted by others, you just need to except yourself as God has made you. Remember God never makes mistakes. BY: TAYLOR VALLEE When Christy first moves to California, she doesn't exactly fit in. Compared to all the other tan, fashionable, surfer girls, Christy is a frosty cone from Wisconsin. So her Aunt Marti decided to take Christy to get a makeover. Christy thinks that a new haircut, wardrobe and personality will make her fit in. Christy is invited to a party with her new friend Alissa, well there not really friends like Christy thought. As soon as they get to the party Alissa leaves with a guy and Christy is on her own. She is so frustrated that she leaves the party when a nice Christian Todd offers to walk her home. That same night Todd's best friend Sean died. After smoking drugs he ran into the ocean and crashed into the jetty. Todd introduces Christy to his Christian friends and they take Christy to one of their church concerts. They all talk about God as if he is their best friend. She has always been a Christian but her new friends say to be a Christian you have to give your life over to God? How does she do that? One morning after having a huge fight with Todd, Christy thought about what him and her friends had said about giving her life over to God. She sat beside her bed and prayed to God. She asked him to forgive her of her sins and to come into her life. That was the day Christy Miller truly became a Christian and lived her life the way God wanted her to. She no longer wanted to be any one else because she knew that God made her the way she was suppose to be. Before Christy went back home to Wisconsin, Todd had stopped their car from leaving. He ran up to Christy and told her how great it was to hear she had turned her life over to the Lord. He had said that Seans death had really depressed him but this changed everything. Then just before Christy left her secret crush behind, he handed her a bouquet of white carnations and kissed her! He promised he would write and with that Christy hopped on a plane back to Wisconsin, leaving all her great summer memories back in California, Newport Beach. Christy has made new friends, changed appearances and become one with God. She has changed more over the last few weeks then in the last two years! With God now beside her Christy has found out who she truly is. AUTHOR: ROBIN JONES GUNN
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