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Alliance for children foundation

No description

Auggie Mense

on 2 March 2010

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Transcript of Alliance for children foundation

Mission statement
To improve physical and emotinal well being of abandoned children living in orphanges. Goals
1. Basic Care — To provide food, shelter, and clothing for children in desperate living conditions.
2. Medical and Rehabilitative Care — To provide surgical and medical care, medicines and vaccines as well as medical and rehabilitative equipment for children who are dealing with illness, deformity, or mental impairment.
3. Quality of Life Enhancement — These projects include larger interventions that impact the quality of life for all children living in orphanage school fees, libraries, music rooms, computer labs, and long-term solutions that seek to remedy the cognitive and emotional effects of growing up in custodial care. Alliance for Children Foundation Achivements They have found familes for over 5,000 children worldwide
Is a proud and devote member of JCICS
ACF has been helping children get adopted since 1974
How it works Step 1- ACF gets the local goverenment to
fund the refeberishing of a group of
buildings in a campus like setting.

Step 2- Then ACF recruits and trains local couples
to be foster parents for up to 6 children
of all different ages and mental capabilites
These children form a greater bond than they could if they
were just in an orphage together, this in turn allows for
greater mental and social devlopment in the children.

Step 3- Some of the children are adopted, those who
aren't continue to live with the foster parents,
recieve an education, and become contributeing
members of SOCIETY!!!!!!!! Effects 1-Local couples get free houseing.
2-Orphaned Children get a home & family,
temporary or permanet in their foster parents and siblings.
3-Children get a good eductaion and medical care.

Why you should not donate to this cause 1- This foundation tries to solve
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