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Differentiated Math Lesson

No description

lisa hurley

on 30 January 2013

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Transcript of Differentiated Math Lesson

Classify objects into given categories;
count the numbers of objects in each
category and sort the categories by count. MCCK.MD.3 Students who possess knowledge of sorting and classification at an average- above average level http://www.learner.org/teacherslab/math/patterns/buttons/ "Guess My Button" Teaching a Math Lesson
Let's Use Corduroy
by Don Freeman For learners who have a lower understanding with sorting and classifying skills... Sort buttons that have fewer and simple attributes Let's differentiate! For learners who are at a very basic level:

Use real objects (using senses of sight and touch)
Begin by using describing words--"This button is yellow." "This button is square."
Work with buttons to describe one attribute only Given different shapes,
Sort by color Given one shape only,
Sort by size Given one color only,
Sort by shape Given more than
one color,
Sort by color
and shape Sort by number,
Buttons with 2 holes/
buttons with 4 holes. Given more than one shape,
Sort by shape and size Given more than one
sort by number Whole group, small group
use real objects
use an interactive board Learners playing the game: "Guess My Button,
CHOOSE which question to ask to find the secret button. This makes them use the process of elimination to keep updating their progress thus, enhancing and improving PROBLEM SOLVING SKILLS! For learners who require and QUEST for more challenge, increase difficulty and planning skills. Have these learners use buttons with
more attributes
composite material
subtler attributes
smooth edges/rigid edges
slight thickness/thinness
more "distractors" --(irrelevant attributes)
back loop buttons
letters/words/numerals Have learners create their own
"Guess My Button"

Create a group of buttons with different attributes by dragging several button images on an interactive board .
Choose one"secret button" and have peer learners ask questions to eliminate buttons that do not fit descriptors to determine button that is chosen. "Is your button
made of glass?" "Does your button have straight edges?" "Is there a
pattern on
your button?"
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