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Snow White

No description

Swetha Jeyagopal

on 26 March 2015

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Transcript of Snow White

Snow White's mom died giving birth to her.
The king marries a cruel and self-obsessed woman
The queen has a magic mirror.
She asks the mirror a question to which it responds by saying you to her.
The mirror says that Snow White is the most beautiful.
The queen sends someone to kill Snow White
The killer tells her to run away into the woods
There are 7 dwarves
They take care of Snow White
her stepmother tries to kill her
The dwarves put her in a transparent coffin
A prince finds her and takes her to his kingdom
Snow White wakes up suddenly
The stepmother dies
The prince and Snow White get married and live happily ever after
American Snow White
The huntsman don't kill anyone, therefore making it more kid friendly and age appropriate.
The queen asks the mirror the question in a much more simple way, making it more American.
Disney modified it to fit the American culture because they wanted it to be entertaining and appropriate for kids. Not really to teach some sort of lesson

German Snow White
The Huntsman kills another animal and takes out two body parts to give to the queen, making it more violent.
The queen asks the mirror the same question in a formal and proper way that fits the German culture
The German culture prompts the adults to keep the story violent because they just want to teach the kids a lesson
Grimm Brothers and Disney

Snow White

In the American version they call it a mirror but the germans call it a looking glass
The American Snow White cleans the dwarves house but the other Snow White eats some of their food
German dwarves don't have names but the American version does
America: The queen poisoned Snow White straight away. Grimm: Snow White "dies" three times
The prince kisses Snow White to wake her up in the American version, but in the German version, the apple gets dislodged and she spits it out
In the German version, the stepmom has to dance in red-hot iron shoes until she died
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