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Silence By Natasha Preston

No description

Ananda Richardson

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Silence By Natasha Preston

This story is about a girl who stopped talking at age 5. And she has only one friend at school and they've been friends for 11 years . Her parents try to help her but she doesn't want it . Her and her friend like each other and they get closer everyday. But she is hiding something and she doesn't want anyone to know because its the reason of why she doesn't talk .

Oakley Farrell :
Oakley is a girl who has been silent since she was 5 years old and no one knows why . She is bullied at school and she only has one friend and his name is Cole Benson. But she also has feelings for him and she doesnt want him to know . But she has a secret...
Main Characters
Cole Benson :
Cole is Oakley's best friend and he stands by her everyday and he is very protective over her . They have developed a very close friendship , but they soon grow really close to each other .His and Oakley's family are very close also , they always go on holiday trips with eachother every year and Cole and Oakley get to spend even more time with each other .
Main Characters
Julian :
He is Oakley's bully and he is the one Cole and Oakley's brother really hate . Julian was beat up by Oakley's brother for bullying her and Julian still bullies her .
Jasper Farrell :
Jasper is Oakely's big brother and he is also very protective over her . He tries to get her to talk about what is going on at school but she doesnt wanna talk about it and he wants to be able to protect her .
Minor Characters:
Courtney :
She is Cole's Girlfriend and he really doesn't like her and he tried to get away from her once so he could spend time with Oakley. But Courtney tries really hard to talk with him and just be around him since he doesn't really wanna be around her .
Ben :
He is one of Cole's best friends and he is always there for Cole . Ben also in the story has a big party and thats where Cole and Oakley first kiss .
Minor Characters:
This story is in the first person point of view because in the story ''I'' is speaking and that person is Oakley .
In this story the tone is scared and also happy sometimes . The tone is scared because when Oakley stops talking and her parents take her to the doctor and she is really scared about it . It is also happy because she is happy when her best friend took her on a date for the first time.
~Being silent is hard... but it can be easier:

This is a theme for this book because , in the book Oakley is silent and she thinks its easier for her so she doesn't have to share her feelings ,but it often gets tough ... even for her .

Silence By Natasha Preston
Copyright date: 2013

This story takes place in modern day England .
The irony in this story in when Oakley and Cole get together and they are going to tell jer parents on her 16th birthday and they thought when told them that they would be mad but they werent they were actually happy.
Rating :
Favorite Quote:
''I swallowed hard , my heart beating so loud i was sure the whole neighborhood would hear it .
''Oakley?'' I mumbled in disbelief .She said my name . I definitely didn't dream that''. pg 155
''Cole?'' she repeated . Her voice so quiet and broken. I had always wondered what her voice would sound like now . pg 155
I give this book 5 out of 5 stars (: i would give it 5 out of 5 stars because i really enjoyed this book and i cant wait to read the second one in the Silence series.
I like that quote because it is the very first time that Oakley has spoken in like 10 years of her life. I also like this quote because it is also the first time that Cole remembers what her voice sounds like .
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