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Copy of SoundBuzz

No description

abulatif alnseam

on 6 October 2013

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Transcript of Copy of SoundBuzz

Soundbuzz was Asia's largest online and mobile music company
1, Analyze Soundbuzz and its business strategy
using the competitive forces models. What strategies did it develop for dealing with competitive forces?
The new online music companies
singers & record producers
Record lables
Industry Value Chain of
5. Do you think Soundbuzz is successful?
What are the things it can do
to improve its business model?

What can it learn from iTunes?
2, what are the critical elements for an online music service? Using the value chain model, analyze Soundbuzz's business processes.
3, Why did Motorola acquire Soundbuzz?
What synergies will be created through this partnership?
4, Explore the Soundbuzz Web site(www.soundbuzz.com).
Briefly describe its products, technology platform, payment methods and revenue model.
group 1
P2P model
record labels
service company
Our Intelligent Question is,
What are the strategies to succeed
in the area of E-Commerse?
1, Fast Market entering and expanding in it ASAP
2, Customer-centered systems
3, Security
4, Convenient payment systems
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