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Ainsworth 09-10 PD

Background for Examining Student Work

Joshua Zeller

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Ainsworth 09-10 PD

A Brief History of this Year's PD SIP
Academic Action Plan
Learner Centered Problem: Ainsworth students are needing more support in the area of conventions and sentence fluency
Problem of Practice: Teachers need to give direct intentional instruction in conventions and sentence flucncy.
Mechanically Inclined- Sentence Stalking-as a strategy to replace DOL "Craft of Grammar" Workshop-Looking at Most Common Errors Sentence-Smackdown and other lessons to help get at Beginning and End Punctuation (K-2) and Run-ons (3-5) Teach Lessons Focused on Most Common Error Today: Looking at Student Work-How can this impact your work as a teacher? http://www.xtranormal.com/watch/6474323 What's Next? (5 min. each) Craft of Grammar ?
"Mechanically Inclined" ?
Other? Ainsworth Staff Meeting Agenda:
1. Reflect on this year's professional development.
2. Look at student work using "The Making Meaning" Protocol.
3. Sample video clip from Jeff Anderson's "The Craft of Grammar."
1. *K-2 in two groups
*3-5 in two groups
2. Choose facilitator and
note taker
3. Use 'go around' and keep
sharing for about 1 minute
4. Report back to group
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