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Digi Pack

No description

ben carey

on 3 May 2011

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Transcript of Digi Pack

Digi-Pack This is our finished Digipack. I feel like this is very in keeping with our general theme of keeping most colours to a minimum, but then having a single solid colour which is dominant in it. We were inspired by the Chase and Status album No More Idols. By looking at other artists album covers we found that a lot of them also followed with this theme of one specific colour and no other colours. This is The Prodigy's album which also follows the theme to a lesser extent as they have reds and oranges in the image but without a doubt is still following the conventions of the genre. In contrast, compare this to albums of (for example) the hip hop/rap genre.

Eminem's Album - Encore (2004)
Here we can see that an image of Eminem is the centre piece of the cover art, there is a predominantly blue colour throughout, but it is certainly not in keeping with the conventions of the Dance/DnB genre.

Again, the rapper is the main subject and even though there is little amount of colour in this image there is enough colour in it to know just by looking at it that it is not a Dance/DnB album.

Comparing to another genre, it shows how similar but yet so different the digi packs and their presentations are. From Rap and hip hop to rural folk Irish music, The Progues. The boxer on this cover could also be used on our product and I would look out of place. (violence is more associated with rave.) With our Digipack we wanted to get across the main features of the video, whilst staying true to the conventions of the Dance genre in terms of cover art.
We chose to use pink as the stand out colour in our album art work as it is one of the main colours from when the dance genre was popular with the ravers of the 80's acid house scene.

The eyes in this are similar to the blurring and weird effect shown in our film. this again would look far out of place as our digi product. We used print screens from our footage as well as photos from our photo shoot for the album artwork. Louis then went to a lot of trouble of getting all these images and altering them in Photoshop. He spent a very long time getting the large image at the top just right. We went through a lot of designs and thought that it was the best.
It is certainly very different to any other album artwork I have seen before, but I believe that it stays on track within the conventions of Dance but makes it it's own. It is a very original even though it draws on other albums in the genre.
The one thing I would change about the album artwork is the font. With the other Dance albums we can see that the text is either very simple and sans serif (deadmau5, Chase & Status) or pretty extreme (The Prodigy). I think we should have used a more interesting font, and lowered the contrast in the image behind it so it is not so hard to read. The font we are using still fits in with the forms of real media products.
This has alot of bright colour often associalted with rave and glow sticks but this band is rock. Calvin Harris is similar to our music genre. The use of a human portrait is just like ours and the use of the glasses is also associated in our film. We look at these as part of the research and found that they were simple. The white face is an aspect which we liked very much and felt that a white mask which is in our film suits the front cover of the digi pack.
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