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MG1016 Intro 2013


Chris Evans

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of MG1016 Intro 2013

Managing Information

Information and Communications Technology (ICT)
Statistical Analysis
What is this module about?
How is this module taught?
Latest multimedia and e-learning technology
12 Virtual Lectures (6 each term)
Two text books
10 Laboratory Sessions (5 each term)
Virtual Learning Environment (Blackboard Learn)
Virtual lectures - Available now
Laboratory classes - Fortnightly (starting next two weeks)
Twitter - Available now
Podcasts - Available now
When is this module taught?
Where is this module taught?
The Business School Lab (ESGW111)
Why use virtual lectures?
Independent learners
Traditional lectures...
Virtual Lectures
Particular time
Particular place
Particular pace
Can't repeat
When you want
Where you want
How you want
As many times as you want
Interactive feedback
Twitter 24/7
Teacher in control
Learner in control
Lab Classes
Web 2.0
What do I do now?
Log on to Blackboard Learn
Search #MG1016 on Twitter
Complete Knowledge survey (in Assessments)
Buy first text book (2nd edition)
Study first two topics (virtual lecture)
Find out when your lab group will meet
Attend lab class (next week or week after)
Prepare for first test (Hardware).
How is the module assessed?
4 online tests each term (25% + 25%)
Take best 3 scores
Multiple-choice exam (50%)
Increases test scores
What is Twitter?
Networking tool
Status updates
Facebook: meet people you know
Twitter: meet people you don't know
Connects you with people
Connects you with information
Why are we using Twitter?
Important to modern business
Good for sharing information
Good for keeping up to date
Good for working together
Please switch your
mobile phone
Only available from:
(library entrance)
Rate your lecture
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